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dinnerandbikesSometimes, if you can’t get to Portland….Portland will come to you. A traveling roadshow of sorts has been traversing the Midwest and East coast since the beginning of May and will continue on, ending in Chicago on June 4th. Titled, Dinner and Bikes, the group consist of Joe Biel of Microcosm Publishing and Cantankerous Titles fame, Joshua Ploeg as The Traveling Vegan Chef, publisher and writer Elly Blue, and independent journalist Aaron Cynic.

Each stop kicks off with a seven course meal (yes, SEVEN) that is entirely vegan and gluten-free, prepared by Joshua Ploeg, followed by a presentation on bicycle economics and transportation equity by Elly Blue. Soon after Joe Biel brings the Portland influence by reading from a coming project called Aftermass, which details the history of cycling in Portland. Once all the presentations have completed, a pop-up bookshop allows attendees to pick up some of their favorite and latest bicycle themed and cooking themed books and literature.

Upcoming stops will include St. Louis, Madison, Iowa City and Chicago, but check the complete list to see if they will be rolling near your town.

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