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Danny Chew – The Million Mile Man

Danny Chew is the type of person that people need to be warned about before they meet him. His eccentricities are sometimes overpowering, and can dwarf the rest of his personality. When off the bike, he is usually wearing sweatpants and a free t-shirt from some race, somewhere. He wears giant glasses similar to those of Mr. Magoo or DMC. Danny usually has a few days worth of a beard growing, and he is also a close talker.

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  1. tim zNovember 18, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    new road!

  2. Jan BeveridgeJuly 5, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Stephen certainly detailed the uniqueness that is Danny. Well done except for one small fact. Danny was only 10 years old when he finished his first double century on a bicycle that weighed about half what he did! I know, because as he finished his day loop and was beginning his night loops I asked his father about coaching him to the finish. Everyone was bedding down and most folks wanted to quit. I was done riding for the day but Danny had something special going… little did we know at that time. Helping him through those night loops at MDC has certainly held a special place in my heart for so many years. Today, I googled the “Million Mile Man” because I was reading the most recent installment written by his sister Carol of his ride to Alaska with his similarly talented nephew (her son). They just happened to be in the same area of Canada I remember from my youthful days of camping with my family and riding my bike on new roads. Until now, more than 40 years later I never realized the value of new roads. I’m a tad older than Danny but remember the joy of discovering new roads in Ohio. Knowing where every spring was, who you could go see, the towns. You see things so very well at 12 to 15 miles per hour. It has been over 40 years and I have just discovered that new road are still significant for me… and I didn’t even know it. Danny is heading for Alaska as this is written. How do you think he plans to get home to “Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh? On new roads, that’s how.

    Cheers all. BTW, I still have the bike I rode when with Danny on MDC. I’d love to have new “bling” but why change what has worked so well for over 40 years. Brooks pro’s are wonderful. However, those new Sidi Carbon’s… those are calling my name! Clipless pedals, tires and tubes, and brake pads are about all that have been added or changed in all those years. Even the Campy cables are original and only one new chain, but countless freewheels. Also, I need a job… anyone looking for a Systems / Software Engineer? Shamelss promotion, yes. But my goal is to be riding with Danny when he does reach the millionth mile. I’ll be 90 something…

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