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Cygolite Trion 1200 Lumen Headlight

The Cygolite Trion 1200 is appropriately named as lights tend to be, putting out 1200 lumens at it’s highest setting. The $330 light weighs 260 g and runs for 1:45 at the highest setting and 8 hours at the lowest pulse mode. 3 LEDs provide the output, with a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery giving the power. The smaller and less expensive $80 Metro 420 has 420 lumens of light output with 1:45 to 25 hours of runtime in a mere 110 g pacakge, providing some serious light for far less cash than just a few years ago. Both lights feature Steady Pulse illiumination, where the light provides a bright stoboscopic flash to oncoming vehicles while also having a continouts light source for the rider. One piece lights like these are taking over the lighting market, lighting the way on dark roads and unlit trails like never before. Less than a decade ago those of us into endurance mountain biking were racing through the woods with lights less powerful than these — the progress has been incredible, and quite welcome. See more from Cygolite at www.cygolite.com

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  1. SolarSeptember 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    This light looks awesome! Cygolite did a great job by making the batter swappable!

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