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Cyclocross in the Wall Street Journal

sram pitIt’s here. This weekend (actually already) the elites will unleash themselves into the mud and snow on the Louisville course during the Cyclocross World Championships. I don’t know if you’ve caught any visuals of the conditions down there, but it is the DEFINITION of cyclocross. The night before it poured non-stop, leaving the course underwater in some parts, which of course turned everything to mud, after which the temperatures dropped, the snow started to fall and the ground froze. Come get it Euros.

And amid all the fanfare, the Wall Street Journal of all publications has put Cyclocross in the face of a public transfixed on the biggest money sports, taking pot shots at the Super Bowl and their subpar concession items. This quote pretty much sums it up,

I am also 1,000% sure the cyclocross race will have better beer and more cowbell.

Probably. Anyways, enjoy the mayhem and we can’t wait to see the photos to come. Until then, check out the Louisville CX Facebook page.

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