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Cyclists and Drivers Share Blame In Accidents In Minneapolis

Last month the Star Tribune reported on a recent study in Minneapolis looking into the causes of bicycle/auto traffic accidents.

A new analysis of 10 years of crash data has found that drivers and cyclists are almost equally at fault in the 270 reported bike-motor vehicle crashes that Minneapolis averages annually.

Biker actions contributed to the crash in 59 percent of collisions, compared to almost 64 percent for drivers, according to the study presented Tuesday to the City Council. Sometimes both were judged at fault by investigating officers.

The city’s Public Works Department plans to use the data to target education campaigns at drivers and bicyclists as well as to improve bike features such as lanes, bike-triggered traffic signals and other accommodations.

David Meyer, who rides and works at the Hub Bike Co-op, said the shared fault makes sense to him. “It’s all people — just taking different modes of transportation,” he said.

Nick Mason, chairman of the panel that advises the city on bike matters, called the study “definitely the most thorough analysis we’ve seen of crashes.”

“It’s so great to know that our crashes are not all random … and there are things we can do to prevent crashes,” he said.

The report urges that the city continue such practices as striping bike markings through congested intersections to guide cyclists or using dashed lines to signal to drivers when they can cross a bike lane for a turn.

Read the entire article at www.startribune.com

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