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larsenHere in the Midwest we were hit with a blizzard Christmas night, though it was more about visibility and strong winds than any sort of problematic accumulation. We’re all pretty used to these storms, so those with bikes were unhindered in getting around the city and some made it a point to get out and ride just because they could. With that in mind, I did a little searching for riding in the winter and blizzard conditions and stumbled across this guy, Eric Larsen, who is currently riding his bike (as I type maybe?) across the Antarctic continent to the South Pole, which is roughly 750 miles.

Riding atop a Surly Moonlander, appropriately enough, Larsen will be the first to complete this route on a bicycle, and if conditions permit, back again, totaling approximately 1500 miles. He is updating his site everyday to keep followers informed and to raise money for organizations related to Parkinson’s Disease, Climate Change, Bicycle Accessibility and Developing Nation Bicycle Donations.

Peruse his sight and follow his travels all the way through January 12th and possibly the 25th if he decides to ride back. Also, check out his hyper-specific eating schedule. Hobbits and their second breakfasts have nothing on this guy.

Cycle South

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  1. EricDecember 30, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    The gloves he wears must be worth a small fortune, riding all day in negative whatever temperature. Even with Pearl Izumi Lobster gloves my hands will get chilly on longer rides in 20 degree temps.

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