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vibe1If you’re not familiar, Club Ride specializes in high performance cycle wear that can often pass for casual clothing. The Vibe jersey represents their second generation of western styled bike jerseys. I reviewed their Go West jersey a while back, and I can definitely say that that I appreciate the improvements.

By and large, Club Ride has simplified things on the Vibe. It’s noticeably lighter and cooler than the previous generation. Gone are the full zipper and twin buttoned breast pockets. The Vibe still features low-profile snaps down the front, and the single breast pocket and lone rear pocket feature zippered closures. Both pockets are lined with mesh fabric which also makes an appearance under the arms to provide superior ventilation.

In my humble opinion, this is a great looking casual shirt, and it’s been my number one choice when I’m biking to a bar or restaurant. I can commute to work in it and then wear it all day on reasonably cool summer days. I’ve enjoyed wearing it on hot and sweaty mountain bike rides, and it performs every bit as well as my logo-emblazoned Lycra jerseys, and maybe better.

My only real nit to pick is that the fabric tends to look a bit more wrinkled than a classic cotton button down shirt. Since it’s 59% polyester and 41% nylon, you can’t really take an iron to it.

The Vibe is available in S-XL and retails for $95. Color choices are Indigo Devo (pictured) and Raven Devo. Check out www.clubrideapparel.com

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