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Chrome Stock Cobra

The Chrome Stock Cobra hoodie is made from soft, warm, durable moleskin cotton. Moleskin? Yes. Neither made from moles nor used to prevent blisters, moleskin cotton is a heavy fabric that features a distinct soft and fuzzy side. Because of its dense weave, the fabric is warm and highly wind resistant.

The cut of the Cobra generally favors tall lanky folks, as it’s cut long enough to cover your wrists and plumber’s crack when you’re in the drops. It features a cargo pocket across the lower back, two pockets to keep your hands warm, and a key pocket on the right sleeve—all with zippered closures.

Naysayers may scoff at the $100 price tag, but anyone who’s tried one on will agree that this is one hell of a nice hoodie. If I were to pick nits my first thought would be that the hood seems a tiny bit large. The key pocket on the wrist is not really necessary, and I would rather have thumb holes instead. But in all I’m very happy with the Stock Cobra, and I wear it often.

Check out www.chromebagsstore.com.

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