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Human App Data Visuals

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This is how we move from Human on Vimeo.

Human is an app designed to improve your health by motivating you to move for at least 30 minutes a day (is this what we’ve come to?) and helping you track your progress. The video above is a beautiful visual of the information they pulled from the app to determine when and how we move through our respective cities. There are so many considerations to draw from the visuals, but let’s just look at all the pretty for a bit.

Designer Paul Smith & Mercian Cycles Collaboration


What a great little short about a collaboration between fashion designer, Paul Smith, and the frame builders of Mercian Cycles. Go into 3:20 for some rad shots of Smith dressed to the 9′s pulling track stands on his murdered out custom frame. This guy is legit!

Alligators and Cornflakes

There are too many amazing one-liners in this 3:40 video to pick a favorite. I just…just…there are no words. This guy has taken them all.

Breadwinner Cycles B-Road

Breadwinner Cycles B-Road from Breadwinner Cycles on Vimeo.

It’s Friday. If you needed a little motivation for a long weekend ride…here it is. Ira Ryan taking on the Oregon Outback atop the Breadwinner B-Road, a bike designed specifically for this type of riding.

Forever Forward

The riders at Forward Set through together this short doc on creator, Kirk Tsonos, and his daily happenings.

FWDSET: Forever Forward from Forward Set on Vimeo.

Bern Allston Life At Full Speed

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Look out, it’s Cory the Courier.

R.E.Load Bags – Megapack Demo

Roland of R.E.Load Bags gives the details on their messenger-sized bag, the Megapack, the largest bag in their offering. Admittedly, I’m a little bummed circus clowns didn’t come pouring out upon opening.

Fairdale R & D

Bicycle R & D – Best job ever?

Aaron Gwin’s One Tire Ride

Let Gwin’s downhill ride be a lesson to you next time you get a flat on the road…skip the bus and just ride that sucker home!

Strider Championships – Thailand

Strider Championship Series Thailand 2014 from BKKStrider on Vimeo.

These Strider Championship events never cease to pull me out of a bad mood. Wee people kicking around on wee bikes in a competition setting. Love it.

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