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Rollapaluza Records Night – 142 mph On Rollers

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Rollapaluza paired up with Guy Martin, the British paced land speed record holder, to see just how fast you could spin up the Rollapaluza roller racing setup using Martin’s record setting bike. Think 380 gear inches — huge. Top speed for Craig Maclean, fastest man of the night: 142 mph. See more at the Rollapaluza blog.

Read more about the history and rebirth of roller racing in Urban Velo #5 from November 2007.


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This is solid. To summarize, it’s a lock that works through Bluetooth, enabling keyless entry as soon as you walk up to it. That feature alone takes away much of the hassle of unlocking your bike when it’s boxed in by others or your key is bent slightly. And although any angle grinder can ruin your safety plan, Skylock has a function that alerts you (if you’re connected to a wi-fi network) if there is a jostling or tampering of your lock. That’s solid piece of mind right there.

Skylock is currently in funding status, which discounts your initial purchase at $160 if you get in at the ground floor, but will shoot into the $200s when released to market at Xmas of 2014.

Get all the details here.

Aftermass On Tour

Filmmaker, Joe Biel, is taking Aftermass on tour. Currently on the East Coast, you can find a list of showings here.

What does it mean that Portland, one of the best North American cities for cycling, has virtually no Critical Mass? Was it no longer relevant, did its activity not appeal to a cycling “mainstream,” or was a police crackdown just so successful? What are the new goals of cyclists? What activities had been so politically successful for building Portland’s bicycle infrastructure and culture? What is the new activism? How are objectives reached? And perhaps most importantly, had Critical Mass compounded with other activism and advocacy to create North America’s premiere bicycling mecca?

The Zephyr Track & Cornfed

The dudes from Cornfed, Jacob Shope and Scott Harris, run The Zephyr through the streets of Indy.

The Zephyr Track and Cornfed from The Heavy Pedal on Vimeo.

Previous Urban Velo write-ups on The Zephyr can be found here and here.

Molly Rides Her Bike

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Molly is great. I say this because I know her, and this video captures her personality perfectly. A well produced little bit about the joys and obstacles to bicycle commuting.

Molly Rides Her Bike from Tim Taylor, Director on Vimeo.

2014 Red Bull Ride + Style Video Recap

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The Red Bull Ride + Style has become a defining competition in the fixed freestyle genre. Great video coverage from Wheel Talk & Chop Em Down Films.

A Monday Kick In The Butt

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You know those times you get up and just don’t feel like riding, can’t imagine riding into the rain, want to just pull the covers back over your head? Somewhere in the world, at the same time, there is this kid…shaming your sloth-like behavior. Now suck it up and ride.


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Training for a race or just riding into the office….this still applies. Happy Friday.

United For Bikes Campaign

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The benefits a bicycle can bring have inspired two non-profit organizations, World Bicycle Relief and PeopleForBikes, to partner
on this month-long awareness and fundraising campaign called
United for Bikes.

All donations to United For Bikes, including those raised on your fundraising page, will be split 50/50 to benefit the national U.S. bike movement PeopleForBikes and the global bicycle programming of World Bicycle Relief.

24 days remaining in this campaign on the way to a $200,000 goal. Do consider donating to the worthy causes here.

VeloCity 9

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Video from VeloCity 9, a track omnium event geared towards couriers and amateur racers, held at the Kenosha Velodrome.

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