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Fairdale R & D

Bicycle R & D – Best job ever?

Aaron Gwin’s One Tire Ride

Let Gwin’s downhill ride be a lesson to you next time you get a flat on the road…skip the bus and just ride that sucker home!

Strider Championships – Thailand

Strider Championship Series Thailand 2014 from BKKStrider on Vimeo.

These Strider Championship events never cease to pull me out of a bad mood. Wee people kicking around on wee bikes in a competition setting. Love it.

Strongest Hearts Campaign

Matt Ruscigno, of Feel My Legs and Day In The Life, and his cohort, Sasha Perry, are in the middle of a fundraising campaign to help create more of their Day In The Life episodes/interviews of vegan athletes. They have showcased a number of cyclists in the series, who have offered great insight into high-level racing and nutrition.

The videos are professionally produced and cost a decent penny to make, hence the campaign. You can donate here and the incentives are pretty nice, including buttons, Purist water bottles, stickers, socks, nutritional consultation, an athlete of your choice in a video (YOU in a video!), etc. Only 14 days left to make this happen…help ‘em out!


Experience the California sun and scenery with Emi Brown and Luke Binder as they take the Leader EQNX through the Golden State’s golden roads.

Cutters Ball Shopbike Shootout Video

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I couldn’t be happier that winter is over, even if some cool stuff happens when it gets ugly. The Cutters Ball and Shopbike Shootout video has surfaced. Slippery.

Bike To Work Video

It’s June and so National Bike Month is over, but we’re all still on the roads, of course. Indianapolis staff photographer, and avid cyclist, Bob Scheer is also on the road with his GoPro enabled ride, capturing a bit of what it’s like to ride the streets of Indianapolis on Bike To Work day (click here for video). The corresponding article gives a good overview of the new issues Indy faces as cyclists begin to populate the streets more and more with a predominantly car-centric city. We stand 10th in the national average for fatalities between bikes and cars. Fortunately, the increasing number of cyclists brings an immediacy to their safety and plans are consistently being implemented to protect cyclists and educate motorists.

24 Bottles Porta Bottiglia

Stainless steel bottles are where it’s at for clean tasting water as they don’t leach plastic chemicals into the water, or hold flavors from what you poured in there over the weekend. 24 Bottles is an Italian company making stainless bottles, and the Porta Bottiglia holder. Carry a bottle on a bike without bosses, add a holder for the extra long ride. I’ve not used one, but I’d worry about the Porta Bottiglia eventually swaying and interfering with the drivetrain when mounted to anything but the toptube. Given the woven construction there shouldn’t be any rattle and even with the swaying concerns, love the easy way it attaches to most any tube.

Grinderman Coffee

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The coupling of bikes and coffee isn’t new, nor is delivering coffee by bike, but Grinderman has taken the two a progressive step further and is only working on a barter/trade exchange. Yeah, no cash, no capitalism. Just coffee for an agreed upon trade. If you’re in the Chicago area, contact Grinderman through his web form for orders.


PDW Summer 2014

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