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Bookman Cup Holder

Stokholm-based bicycle product designer, Bookman, have just released this interesting take on the handlebar mounted cup holder. Let’s be real though, it’s a coffee cup holder. Why would you want to put anything else in a cup, really? The cup holder is a screw-less contraption that functions through tension, making for an easy install and removal from the handlebars. It can be flipped in order to hold a 16 oz. or 12 oz. cup of coffee and is easily stowed away.

I have not tested this product, but my initial concern is the stability of the holder on bumpy streets. The video shows a little demonstration of agitation, but nothing that compares to the shaking that occurs riding normal streets. If it does hold steady, despite typical street obstacles, this is a great solution for us “caffieneds” who don’t want more clutter attached to our bikes. The Bookman Cup Holders retail for $39 and can be purchased through their site.

Bookman Products

Cyclist Hit By Car

We know this happens every day, the impatient driver BLATANTLY hitting a cyclist with their vehicle, but I still can’t get used to the visuals when I see it happen. I post this as a reminder. It’s all too easy to get comfortable riding in traffic, not expecting drivers to do the insane. Consider this a PSA.

Fresh Off The Boat – Shanghai

NYC restaurant owner Eddie Huang has been gaining an enormous amount of publicity thanks to his popular internet television show, Fresh Off The Boat, and his memoir. Though bikes are rarely more than part of the backdrop on his show, the Shanghai episode features a couple who make extensive use of a cargo bike, earning their living by selling xiaochi, which translates to small eats.

It’s just really cool to see this family literally work out of their bedroom. They stack the chairs, the tables, all their equipment on one flatbed bicycle. This is their life, man. The thing that really hit home was that she said, “I’m just happy that everything I need is in these two hands. And I feel rewarded.”

Click here to watch the episode on Vice.com.

Sutro Shred

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Peter Koch and Michael German are a couple of Bay Area 15 year olds hooked on riding and filmmaking. This is a short one from Sutro Forest in San Francisco, which looks like a pretty killer place to ride. Great work.

I Think I Can. I Think Icon. (Video)

It’s all about the ride.


So, I don’t hate this, but let’s be real, this isn’t a bike. Or a “half-bike”. It’s a trike. A stand up trike at that. Further, it seems like a cross between a Segway and, if you’re old enough to remember it, a Le Run. Still, it’s got bike wheels, is human-powered, and looks to move relatively quickly. I’d prefer to use it with horizontal bars instead of the singular grip, but it looks fun regardless. Of all the weird bike-ish contraptions that fill the rail-trails out there, this at least looks to be less intrusive than others. And at least the creator has a sense of humor about the whole project, as evidenced in the video.

Halfbikes.com for more info.

Naked Cyclist Campaign

It’s a UK-based awareness program, but I would love to see something like this in the States. Sure, the commercial probably wouldn’t fly, but the side view mirror stickers are a wonderful idea. Or maybe the stickers should be put on the rear view mirror…or on the windshield…or on a cell phone. Regardless, any reminder to look for cyclists/motorcyclists/less visible road users is great.

Fairdale R&D

Horse Cycles Short Film

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Brewsvegas Poster Ride

Brewsvegas Poster Ride from Brewsvegas on Vimeo.

Next time you throw an event and need to do some promotion, watch this and get inspired to do it on your bike instead of a car. It may not be as quick (if you are traveling as far as these guys), but it will be infinitely more enjoyable.

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