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EighthInch Dispatch $700 USA-Made Track Frameset

eighthinchdispatch As time goes by it’s not getting any easier to find relatively affordable made in the USA framesets. EighthInch worked with Waterford to create this Wisconsin born and bred chromoly track frame — combined with the Tange track fork, the $700 Dispatch is in line with many overseas options. Available in four sizes and black, white or red powdercoat. Provisions for brakes, fenders, and 32 mm tires (28mm with fenders) make it suited for a daily driver, with geometry that should hold up on the track if you ever see fit to race. And can’t forget two bottle mounts – some of us get thirsty. As “standard” parts as one could imagine fit the build, I really like what I see here. See more images and full geometry specs at www.eighthinch.com

Horse Cycles 2014 Urban Tour


I’ve been a fan of Horse Cycles since I first met builder Thomas Callahan a few years back. Last year Horse introduced the Urban Tour / Urban Assault model, a do-all city cyclocross bike, capable of going geared or single speed, fenders for the commute, racks for the light tour, and skinny tires for the park laps. Bikes like this are the kind that lots of people have long term love affairs with, even if it may not be the lightest highest tech piece out there. See more of the new build at the Horse Cycles Flickr.

Check out our visit to Horse Cycles back in 2012.

The $300 Floor Pump

silca-mdnWould you pay $300 for a floor pump that works flawlessly and may only need one piece replaced every 5 years? Josh Poertner thinks you would (or at least SOME of you) and so bought the respected Italian company, Silca, and relocated it’s headquarters to Indianapolis.

Popular Mechanics has the specifics on why Poertner is banking on a consumer base that will shell out for a pump that can be passed along to future generations instead of easily disposed pumps that wear out after a couple years.

Silca pumps have long been considered the most technologically advanced pumps available. Founded in 1917, Silca pioneered the use of plastics in manufacturing after World War II. As bicycles moved from steel to lighter aluminum (and later to featherweight carbon fiber), riders looking to shed additional weight sought out the company’s plastic Impero frame pumps. But widespread use of plastics may have ultimately led to the company’s downfall. As bicycle production migrated to Asia, so too did most of the accessory production.

Undoubtedly, this isn’t a pump for the everyday consumer, but cyclists looking for high ticket items probably won’t balk. Admittedly, I cringed when I bought an $85 dollar pump with a wooden handle, but did so because it came with a lifetime warranty. I’m not so sure I would buy a $300 pump, but I wouldn’t scoff at anyone who did…as long as it gets passed onto future generations, of course.

Retroshift is now Gevenalle

pUyOZEYi1cklvJ6nmBu6K6L_Q7JQOnqxA2zMwM0jZPE Retroshift is now Gevenalle, roughly “give all” in Dutch. Having expanded the line past the original Retroshift downtube-shifter-on-a-brake-lever, the makers of Retroshift and the B.U.R.D have rebranded to Gevenalle, and introduced a hydraulic version of the Retroshift that first put them on the map. The CX1 or CX2 hydraulic shifters ship with calipers and either 140 or 160mm rotors, with 9-, 10-, or 11-speed Shimano compatible shift units. The single front ring CX1 is $400, add $50 for the front derailleur compatible CX2. If you’re up on your scales the whole system weighs 850 g, making it a ultralight, and durable contender. Like other Retroshift units, these too are covered by a generous $75 crash replacement policy. See these and the new HOUP cassette spacer that allows you to drop the 11t cog for greater spoke to derailleur clearance at www.gevenalle.com

We reviewed the original Retroshift CX2 cantilever compatible brake/shift combo last year, and still love it.

Vegan Bicycle Wine Holder

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vegan bicycle wine rack red bike wide

Leather isn’t for everyone, so the folks at Oopsmark made this upcycled bicycle tire wine holder. The $34 bottle holder will fit most conventional frames with the antique brass fasteners. Maybe a bottle holder like this fits your style of riding, it sure does look great on a show bike. I think I’ll keep my bottles in a bag or backpack and avoid heartbreak on the way to the picnic.

Scatto Italiano Custom Spec Italian Steel


There are a number of virtual build-a-bike online stores where any number of component choices are swapped out. Most of these are low-end builds, and can look a bit clunky to say the best. Scatto Italiano has Italian made lugged steel track frames with well selected component and color choices, making for final bikes that show a certain attention to detail. Component choices are fairly limited, but you can add a coaster brake hub, Paul handbrakes, or even wooden handlebars to your build if you’re so inclined. One of the better looking bikes of this type I’ve seen, check it out at www.scattoitaliano.it

The Cycling BBQ Backpack

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This is a concept I can get behind — a backpack with a full charcoal grill kit inside. Tools, charcoal, grill, all in one and relatively easy to carry on your back to wherever that perfect picnic party spot may be. It’s at the idea and feedback stage over at Quirky.com right now, so go ahead and leave some thoughts if you’re so inclined. I’d imagine you might get a bit dirty on the way back from the party, but that just might be the tradeoff between grilling at any location anywhere and not.

The Kaneg Front Micro Pannier

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img_4578 A bag for every occasion, this one for carrying a light load on a small front rack. The Kaneg front micro pannier is just big enough to hold six bottles and a rolled up blanket, and has a carrying strap for when you get to your destination. It’s simple and I like it — just enough room for a light picnic or day ride. See more creations at www.kruschrhoades.com

Fyxation Leather Six Pack Caddy Contest Winner

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.41.17 AMDuncanCongratulations to Duncan Graham of Tallahassee, FL for being the winner of our inaugural Facebook contest. He’ll be receiving a Fyxation Leather Six Pack Caddy, which he says he’ll take, “Down to the beaches of St. George Island to celebrate my wife’s graduation!”

Check out our current contest where you can win a complete Cinelli Mystic Rats bike.

Especial Raider Backpack – Now In Colors

Raider in RedUntil now, Timbuk2′s Especial Raider Backpack was only available in black. Today they’ve launched three new colorways. Not exactly earth shattering news, we know, but choice is always a good thing. We’ve got one of the original black ones under review at the moment, so stay tuned for a full write up. MSRP $79. Check out www.timbuk2.com

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