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Ted Baker Bike Hip Flask

Flasks make great gifts, even if most everyone who wants one already has one. Check this 6 oz printed Ted Baker flask featuring an early racing motif.

All-City JYD

Want. The All-City JYD is a rare bird these days, a rim brake mountain bike platform without any of the bells and whistles that make modern bikes heavy, complicated and expensive. It goes back to the days of old, one bike for most everything, a simple and bombproof build with a single gear, rim brakes and no provision for suspension. Put some knobby tires in it to thrash in the woods, put some big slick tires on for the city, add fenders for the adventure. It doesn’t have fork mounted bottle bosses. It doesn’t have disc tabs. It doesn’t have a press-fit bottom bracket or a tapered steerer tube or any woven plastic. It does have two wheels, a fancy 5-piece segmented fork, and enough of that old-school mountain look to get my nostalgia meter going.

Is it a pure mountain bike? A giant BMX cruiser? Neither really, more a pure ripper for whatever you’ve got going on. It’s a modern take on the ’90s mountain bikes that make such good city rides, but with 29″ wheels for more getting rad. My personal favorite flavor of the month isn’t far off from this one, a rim brake single speed ‘cross build with riser bars and v-brakes, though I’d certainly welcome the larger tire clearance. Just 150 framesets slated for this year at about $550 from your local dealer.

Ride Safe, Ride With Fiks – Facebook Contest


Enter to win one of five reflective sticker packs from Fiks:Reflective. These vibrant retroreflective stickers are designed to allow you to be as creative [or boring] as you want. They enable you to make an almost endless number of patterns and their microscopic embedded glass beads will reflect light to help keep you seen out there at night. 52 tessellating reflective stickers per pack. Click here to enter.

24 Bottles Porta Bottiglia

Stainless steel bottles are where it’s at for clean tasting water as they don’t leach plastic chemicals into the water, or hold flavors from what you poured in there over the weekend. 24 Bottles is an Italian company making stainless bottles, and the Porta Bottiglia holder. Carry a bottle on a bike without bosses, add a holder for the extra long ride. I’ve not used one, but I’d worry about the Porta Bottiglia eventually swaying and interfering with the drivetrain when mounted to anything but the toptube. Given the woven construction there shouldn’t be any rattle and even with the swaying concerns, love the easy way it attaches to most any tube.

The Raleigh Bunch Contest


From Raleigh:

Raleigh simply wants to give 2 deserving “families” a complete set of bikes (up to $2500 MSRP) I use quotes around “families” as this is a very loose term…we just want to give deserving people bikes.

It’s a nomination style submission. Like we state…we all know some pretty amazing people, that do amazing things, and ask very little in return. This is a great opportunity to submit a simple ‘thank you’…and have Raleigh provide them with new bikes.

We’re not asking for anything out of this. No email sign up. No ‘likes’ to our FB page. We just want an opportunity to pay it forward. (you do have to register to submit…but that’s so we can contact people later on)

Submission is easy. Either type some quick words telling why these people deserve new bikes…or submit a video. The video doesn’t have to be fancy…it can be video just talking about the people. (no need for editing…fades…explosions)

After the final submission date…we’ll evaluate the top submissions. Pick out 6. We’ll then follow up with the top 6 and do an equal and fair write up (or video) on all 6 and post them up for voting. The top 2 get bikes.

Check out http://bit.ly/raleighBunch

MyMiniFactory 3D Printable Bike Accesories

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3D printing is all the rage amongst the serious home tinkering nerd, with a number of websites providing plans to download and print your own products. MyMiniFactory is one such site, and has a number of printable bicycle accessories to download, modify, hack and make your own. Nothing is groundbreaking, home 3D printing and design is still in its infancy with significant polymer and printing limitations, but the ability to make an affordable one-off holder just for your bottle or flashlight is a pretty awesome eventuality.

Do you have your own 3D printed hack for a bicycle problem? Email us, we’d love to see it.

529 Garage – Bike Registry

02_529_garage_stickersCyclist software generator, 529 Garage, have just released a web and mobile bike registration and recovery service. In addition to the system of registration developed with law enforcement, they also offer a number of other services to keep your bike secure…or easier to track and find should you find yourself on the wrong end of the bolt cutters. For $10 you can register one bike ($25 for 4) which gets you a tamper proof sticker and connected to the database of users who you can call on for help. The app contains an alert button to notify all users of the system for help in tracking down your bike and allows you to print “stolen bike” posters to hang around town, among other amenities.

Whether you see a personal need for the registration system, they are also asking for the bike community to sign their petition to Craigslist and eBay requiring sellers to provide a serial number for all bikes sold. No serial number, no sale, thereby preventing stolen bikes from being sold online, which is one of the main avenues for moving jacked rides.

Developed in conjunction with several law enforcement agencies, the 529 Garage allows you to easily and securely register your bike in just minutes, complete with images and all the necessary details law enforcement requires to expedite the recovery process. Beyond this detailed registration, the 529 Garage includes the ability to broadcast a “Missing Bike Bulletin” to all members in the area should a member’s bike get stolen. The Missing Bike Bulletin will include images and details to help the community and law enforcement quickly identify and recover the stolen bike. Additionally, a detailed report is generated that can be passed onto a victim’s insurance company to help expedite a claim report.

Wraith Fabrication The Hustle Road Frameset


Wraith Fabrication is a new brand of production frames by Adam Eldridge of Stanridge Speed out of Columbus, OH. For a relative bargain price of $1100 one can pre-order the pictured USA made Hustle road bike or the Paycheck cyclocross frame, each built with full Columbus tubesets and S-bend stays. Both bikes include the newly released Columbus FEL 1.5″ tapered forks and a durable powdercoat finish. Stock sizing keeps costs in control, and let’s face it, we don’t all need custom geometry for a bike to fit like a glove. The pricing puts this bike in line with many overseas bikes, and well below what most small builders are going to charge, making it a real looker. With some smart component picks you could build up a killer bike with the coveted made in the USA steel soul in the $2500 range. See more at www.wraithfabrication.com

iSSi Colorful SPD Compatible Clipless Pedals

iSSi is the latest brand out of the bike parts distribution giant QBP, an SPD compatible pedal system meant to compete with the more established pedal companies with pricing, color choices and serviceability. The pedals are available in eight color options to match the drapes, spinning on a bearing and bushing each. The pedals are completely rebuildable, with small parts kits available for the people prone to breaking or plain wearing out their pedals. Besides the standard length spindle, additional 6 mm and 12 mm longer options to tune your q-factor are in production should you want or a wider stance. A “trail” pedal is also in the works, featuring a small platform and similar color and spindle options. Look for a three bearing Duro version at some point this season for the people that really churn the miles. Recessed, two-bolt mountain style pedals are key to any sort of riding where there is the possibility of any walking or standing around , and these pedals from iSSi look to fit the city bill. The iSSi pedal uses a Wellgo cleat, and while not explicitly compatible with Shimano SPD cleats it seems as if some users out there in TV land are reporting success mixing brands. Look for these pedals at your local shop for $75, with the longer spindle options running but a few dollars more. We recently received a set of iSSi pedals for review, and look forward to reporting back after some real time with them.

EighthInch Dispatch $700 USA-Made Track Frameset

eighthinchdispatch As time goes by it’s not getting any easier to find relatively affordable made in the USA framesets. EighthInch worked with Waterford to create this Wisconsin born and bred chromoly track frame — combined with the Tange track fork, the $700 Dispatch is in line with many overseas options. Available in four sizes and black, white or red powdercoat. Provisions for brakes, fenders, and 32 mm tires (28mm with fenders) make it suited for a daily driver, with geometry that should hold up on the track if you ever see fit to race. And can’t forget two bottle mounts – some of us get thirsty. As “standard” parts as one could imagine fit the build, I really like what I see here. See more images and full geometry specs at www.eighthinch.com

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