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The Real Mohawk Mark

The namesake of the Mohawk Mark Party Time Cap truly does exist. “‘Cause when it’s party time, you turn it up.” Seen here where else but at the Bikefest kickoff party. Messenger, mormon, enigma, neighbor, polo sparring partner.

New DVDs at the Urban Velo Store

Along with the other new items at the Urban Velo Store, we’ve added two DVD’s. The Bootleg Sessions v.2 continues to document the best in fixed freestyle riding from the level of the riders. Monstertrack 8 documents the eighth running of the legendary wintertime brakeless NYC alleycat. Both are worthy additions to the collection.

It’s Party Time!

Mohawk Mark\'s Official Party Time CapIntroducing Mohawk Mark’s Party Time Cap. Because when it’s party time, you turn it up! urbanvelocap.jpgPrinted for us by Spokepunchers on quality Pace cycling caps, the top of the bill has a gray Urban Velo logo. “Party Time” is written in assorted colors—you get what you get. Click here to order yours!

High Shredability

The internet television show Hi Shredability takes a bike ride around Brooklyn with one of the world’s top lady-surfers, Kassia Meador. While you’re over at VBS.TV be sure to check out the new show Toxic – Garbage Island.

Get Your Six Pack

Urban Velo Six PackPurchase an Urban Velo Six Pack and get the first six issues for just $15. That’s over 450 pages of magazine!

Highlights include: Stupor Bowl X, Bike Polo Revival, Underground Bike Riding, Track Bike Geometry, Goldsprints, The Dirty Dozen, What the Hell? and World Cup Track Racing.

Get yours at www.urbanvelostore.com.

New Urban Velo Cycling Caps

Urban Velo Octopus Incorporated Cycling CapMade for us by Octopus Incorporated, the new Urban Velo cycling caps are a limited edition item. The hats are sewn with love in Columbus, OH and feature a maxi-print panel that was hand screened by Urban Velo’s publisher. The polyester material is light and breathable, which makes it especially good for spring and summer riding.

Urban Velo Octopus Incorporated Cycling CapLike all things handmade, there is some variation in size and appearance, but we’ve found that they fit both Brad and Jeff’s larger-than-average heads. Inside the hat you’ll find a silk-like nylon “stash pocket” for… Well, who cares? Our hats have a stash pocket!!!

UV Cycling CapsWhile the color of the stash pockets may vary, all the hats are black with gray printed panels. Interestingly, the gray polyester was purchased for $6.66 from the fabric store’s scrap pile. Visit www.urbanvelostore.com to order your hat before supplies run out. Because when they’re gone, they’re gone.

In other merch news, Track Jackets are once again available in a full size run and back issues #1 – #6 are now available in a discounted six-pack.

New ELVS T-shirt Design

Urban Velo ELVS t-shirtWe got Ethan at Laek House to print us some new t-shirts with his Enhanced Light Visibility System.

ELVS printing is flat grey in normal light, but lights up bright white in a car’s headlights. Printed on 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirts, available in men’s sizes S-XL. The large print on the back of the shirt remains visible, even while wearing most standard messenger bags.

Get yours for $22 at www.urbanvelostore.com.

New Stickers!

We’ve got some new stickers for sale at www.urbanvelostore.com

Share the Damn Road

Urban Velo City Logo

Bike Sign

Incoming! New items in the UrbanVeloStore.


We recently received some new items for both the store and the magazine from our various partners and distributors. After reviewing the Bootleg Sessions DVD last week, we had to order a batch for distribution. Some new ‘zines are available as well, Abort #19, the second issue of Next Stop Adventure, and three anti-car publications – Carbusters #32, Away with All Cars, and Dear Motorist. The Chainbreaker Bike Book is finally back in stock, and we just took delivery of a most excellent book on the history of Critical Mass, Bicycling’s Defiant Celebration. Subscriptions have been mailed, invoices are out and the store has been updated. It’s been a busy week in the Urban Velo office.

In the product testing department, gallery sponsors Wald sent in a couple of baskets for testing, which were appropriately carried home in the above pictured ancient giant delivery basket of the same mark. Check back in our Product Reviews section for information on these and other products as time goes on.

1991: Selected Art and Verses by Victor Vicente of America


vvainside.jpg 1991: Selected Art and Verses from the legendary Victor Vicente of America is now available in the UrbanVeloStore. Former road racing champion, mountain bike pioneer, Olympic athlete, actor, writer, artist and race promoter Victor Vicente is an oft-overlooked legend of American cycling. While he has not achieved the fame of other mountain bike pioneers, he was most definitely involved and influential in the early days of mountain biking. We’re honored to be able to distribute one of his books, a collection of original art and poetry. Hardbound. Handsigned and numbered out of an edition of 1000 by Victor Vicente himself.

See this previous post on VVA to hear a bit about his current work at a vinyard and for links to interviews and his personal website.

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