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Urban Velo Paisley Print Cycling Caps

paceChoose your color; red or blue bicycle themed paisley prints. Each is an otherwise black cycling cap with the Urban Velo skyline logo on each side of the brim. 100% cotton with a built in sweatband, one size fits most as a cycling cap should, snug and with a short brim. Made in the USA by Pace Sportswear.

Click here for additional images or to place your order. $17 includes shipping in the USA!

Velocity Chukker Wheelset – On Test

Velocity ChukkerI like to play bike polo. It’s a fun game, and with some exceptions not particularly hard on the body, but definitely fosters a lot of bike to bike contact. When you consider all the crashing, sprinting and hard braking, it’s not surprising that I’ve had a problem keeping my polo bike’s wheels true. I mentioned this to the guys at Velocity USA, and without hesitation they sent me a Chukker wheelset to see if it didn’t solve my problems. I told them that I was running a freewheel on my polo bike, and they were especially interested in my experiences running brakes with an anodized, non-machined rim. Having read Jobst Brandt’s theories on these subjects, I was quite interested myself.

Velocity ChukkerVelocity’s Chukker rims are specifically designed for the more punishing disciplines of urban cycling—namely bike polo, as evidenced by the Chukker logo. With drillings of 32, 36 and 48 holes, they’re also geared towards freestyling, heavier cyclists and tandem riders. Of course they’re also a great choice for commuters who want to run a Deep V rim with high-volume tires. The rim’s profile is not entirely new, mind you. It’s a re-issue of Velocity’s proven Deep V ATB rolled into a 700c rim. At 24mm wide, they’re designed to hold high-volume mountain bike tires, they’re certainly at home with 35′s installed. And at 32mm tall, their strength and stiffness seem to be a force to be reckoned with.
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Urban Velo/PEONFX Knit Hoodie

Fresh from our PEONFX friends in Singapore are these custom Urban Velo black/grey knit hoodies. This is a 100% cotton, lightweight knit hoodie. Features include a pass-through rear pocket and reflective stripe, a thin hood and an embroidered Urban Velo patch on the left arm. The fabric is soft, light and breathable—perfect for a cool summer night.

Sizing note: These run small, so you may find that you need to order a size up from what you’d wear in a cycling jersey or wool garment. Click here to order.

Women’s T-Shirts – Back in Black

uv_womens_aa_shirtWe ran short on these for a while, but they’re back. In black, of course. Our women’s shirts are 100% cotton American Apparel, and at $13 including domestic shipping, they’re quite a bargain. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

And while we’re using her photo here, Urban Velo would like to publicly thank Jill for being such a great friend. Not only has she been willing to model for us, she’s contributed to the magazine, done proofreading, helped us stuff envelopes and mail copies, volunteered at events and she gets excited about playing bike polo every week. Thank you.

New T-Shirt Colorways


Yes, we’re using the word “colorways” in jest, but we really do have Urban Velo logo t-shirts in three new colors. Burnt orange, gold and forest green. The new shirts feature a two-color print—white with a very subtle black drop shadow. They’re just $12 including shipping in the USA (additional shipping for foreign orders).

Dahon’s Bike Mount for iPhone

biologic_bikemount_for_iphoneDahon recently announced the BioLogic Bike Mount for the Apple iPhone (and iPod Touch). It’s said to securely attach an iPhone or iPod to your stem or handlebars. According to Dahon:

The iPhone has a phenomenal GPS mapping function that’s great when you just want to get on your bike to start exploring. But we weren’t able to find any good bike mounts. So we sat down with a partner, drew up the spec’s, and ended up with the Bike Mount.

The Bike Mount features a weatherproof case with a welded touch sensitive membrane so your iPhone or iPod Touch is completely protected from the weather but easily accessible and fully functional.

No Cassettes and Death Pedal Available in Store

store_dvds The Urban Velo merch area consistently sees updates to our stock, with a couple of new DVDs coming in recently. Each coming out of California, No Cassettes and Death Pedal are reminiscent of old skate and BMX films, and add to the relatively new fixed-freestyle collection. Also in stock are the few remaining original copies of Bootleg Sessions Volume 2, along with Volume 3 and Monster Track 8. As with everything else in the store, posted prices include USA shipping.

The Urban Velo Store is Back

uvintrosplash2 After some delay, the Urban Velo Store is back and open for business. Along with a new shopping system, we also have new pricing. All prices now include shipping within the USA, with all others paying a flat fee per order. For example, this $10 t-shirt is really $10, shipped to your door. We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Limited Edition Urban Velo “Hand” T-Shirt

URBAN VELO NAHBS Indianapolis special-edition t-shirtThose of you who saw us at NAHBS know that we made a limited edition shirt for the show. It features a high-wheeler handprint on the front, and the Indianapolis skyline on the back. Since we only made a handful of these to begin with, we only have a few smalls and mediums left.

Hanes 50/50 lightweight sand colored t with brown ink, $13 +shipping. Available at UrbanVeloStore.com.

Fear of a Bike Planet T – Back In Stock

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fear of a bike planet Back by popular demand, the Urban Velo Fear of a Bike Planet T is once again available in a full size run, this time with a limited number of XXL and XXXL shirts in stock. $13+shipping.


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