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Urban Velo’s new City Report will be an ongoing, reader-contributed segment that highlights cities around the world. We’ve prepared one on our own hometown of Pittsburgh, as an example of what we hope you’ll share with other readers.

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Something About Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland Ohio, its surrounding neighborhoods, and sprawling suburbs closely resemble other similarly sized metros that were developed with automobiles in mind. Streets, even those cutting through the heart of downtown, are as much as six lanes wide with cars regularly traveling ten miles per hour over posted speed limits. Cyclists are often left to figure it out for themselves among the pothole-laden asphalt, often without a bike lane to offer even some notion of protection.

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HD Witness

Of all the uses that have been found for mountable cameras like the ever popular GoPro, the role these mountable cameras have played in bringing dangerous drivers to justice may be the most valuable. When helmet cams first hit the market they were tailored to extreme sports enthusiasts, made to capture the exploits of surfers and snowboarders, and of course cyclists were quick to adopt the technology for their own purposes.

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2013 WHBPC

The first World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship was not much more than an addition to the much larger, much more well attended Messenger Championship in Toronto in 2008—and even in this, there are some who will say that this was not the first “real” World Championship of bike polo. Point in fact, from the CMWC 2008 website; the event was booked simply as the “CMWC Bike Polo Tournament.”

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Pedal Threading

Right- and left-hand pedals are threaded differently to prevent them from loosening while riding, and to create headaches for riders the world over. A little knowledge can prevent a lot of frustration.

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Contents Include: 2013 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, Bike Bike 2013, HD Witness, Something About Cleveland, Pedal Threading, Via Bicycle, Product Reviews and I Love Riding in the City.

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Handcrafting A Business

Vincent Rodriguez loves maps.

“Maps tell the story of where you’ve been, where you’re going and where you want to go,” Rodriguez says, as he holds a bag of his own hand-roasted coffee beans, aptly titled “Maps Coffee.”

Rodriguez, who opened his own bike shop and café in June, is entering uncharted territory as the only major frame builder in Kansas City.

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Powderhorn 24

Participants in the third annual Powderhorn 24, named after the south Minneapolis neighborhood and park that is home to the ride, cumulatively logged enough miles to more than circle the earth. Teams and individual riders traversed the ride’s five-mile route for 24 straight hours, turning 27,435 total miles between the 350 participants. The top individual rider, “Troublino” Loretta Trevino, logged more than 300 miles in one full day, unofficially obtaining the title of the ride’s “Biggest Badass.” The top team, “The Murder Cats Turbo Crew,” logged more than 400 miles.

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Riding Into The Future

Latvia’s capitol Riga enjoys all the charm and dignity of its other, more renowned European counterparts, yet the local architects’ uniquely animated take on the art nouveau architectural style really sets the place apart. All across the city’s center, stone buildings bearing expressive faces, whimsical figurines and frolicking nature scenes populate streets large and small, each capturing a distinct mood or personality. These enduring attributes will draw even more visitors in 2014, when the city represents Europe as its Capital of Culture for the year.

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The CPSC And Me

In my role as a bicycle forensic investigator, I often look into the details of an injury to a cyclist due to a defective bicycle or bike accessory. In some of these cases the part that failed and contributed to the crash was known to be unsafe and a recall notice issued to consumers and dealers. The CPSC is a government agency that is responsible for issuing those recalls. It also ensures that the products we buy are safe when used as intended. In this article I’ll provide some information about what the CPSC is, how they create safe design criteria to the bicycle industry, how they address unsafe products that make it into the market and what you as a bicycle rider can do to verify that the bike you’re riding is free of defects.

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