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Smut Pedalers Run

Smut Pedalers RunOn March 29th, Sin City Portage will present their first alleycat, the Smut Pedalers Run. From organizer, Matt Reyes:

Its a uniquely Vegas style alley cat where cyclist collect Porn Smut that clutters the strip from designated pick up points. First to cross the finish line with all pieces of Smut, wins!

Check out www.sincityportage.com

March Madness Is Upon Us




With Monster Track, the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race, and the first race of Red Hook Crit all packed into the month of March, there will be no rest for the hungry. It all starts in L.A., with the Marathon Crash Race on March 9th. Register at wolfpackhustle.com.

Following the pre-dawn peril that is the Crash Race, next stop on the street race circuit is Monster Track XV, followed by the Red Hook Crit series kickoff in Brooklyn. Sure hope your legs are ready!

Bomb Squad


“Bike handling skill and a lack of self-preservation are paramount in this endeavor.” Rules of play at atomiccycles.com.

Alamo City Alleycat

tumblr_mz5c9izzmd1sez031o1_500 It turns out that the Alamo in fact has a basement, and alleycats too. Next one up is March 2nd at Crockett Park in San Antonio TX, with more info available at bikebexar.tumblr.com

Bespoked 2014 – The UK Handmade Bicycle Show

Bespoked 2014 Banner

Tickets are now on sale for Bespoked 2014, London’s handmade bicycle show. Bespoked is scheduled for April 11-13 at the Lee Valley Velopark.

Check out www.bespoked.cc

1st Annual Shopbike Shootout

Shopbike Shootout

Amanda’s behind this. It’s going to be good.

Philadelphia Bicycle Art Benefit Auction

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Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.11.36 AM Philadelphia’s Bicycle Art Benefit Auction is scheduled for March 22nd, featuring dozens of pieces of upcycled bicycle art up for the bidding. Scrap parts from the basements and dusty corners of Neighborhood Bike Works and The Bike Church are being transformed into pieces of art, with all proceeds going back to this DIY bike projects helping to get residents on bikes, and knowledge about how to fix their rides into their heads. The organizers of Philly’s Bicycle Art Benefit Auction are inspired by the Tucson group, Bicycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage (BICAS), which has been producing about 300 pieces a year since 1995, filling the Tucson area with more than 6,000 pieces of bicycle art. You can view the art at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia starting March 2nd, with the March 22nd auction featuring music and fun times. Check the Facebook event page for more info, and how to submit your own work.

Los Angeles Bicycle Commuter Festival & Summit


The first of its kind, the Los Angeles Bicycle Commuter Festival and Summit is a coordinated effort between an array of local advocacy organization, not least of which is AIDS Lifecycle and the Bicycle Culture Institute. The day-long festival will include workshops, vendors and food throughout the day, party to follow, all at the Village at Ed Gould Plaza in Hollywood. Workshops covering everything from commuting, locking up and navigating transit to choosing the right bike, legal issues for cyclists, and more will be hosted by experienced cyclists and advocates from the L.A. Bike Coalition, L.A. Bike Trains, CicLAvia, CICLE, SoCalCross, Wolfpack Hustle and several of L.A.’s bike collectives. Tickets for the festival are $10/individual or $15/family (two plus kids), available here.


Race to Raise – 2LapJam

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 12.10.58 PMFrom TrackorDieNYC:

The “2LapJam” was created back in the summer of 2012 as a way to end the smack talk between friends. It quickly grew in popularity, and since has morphed into a dynamic charity event we like to dub the “Race to Raise.” Unlike a traditional Alleycat, our race is different in that it is an unsanctioned race in Central Park (with an occasional twist in Prospect Park, Brooklyn). We take the traffic out, and turn it into 2 quick loops, with a twist!

January 31st will be our next and 9th race. We have been throwing these events since August 2012. In just this time we have been able to get between 60-80 track and single speed bike riders of all ages to each of our events. To date, we have had over 200 people race our event, and individuals are turning up from Washington, DC and Boston! A few of our more notable events have been raising $500 for Recycle-A-Bicycle a local non-profit that works with NYC public school students in the areas of health and bike mechanics, close to 50 racers coming out in the freezing rain to race and bring over two cars full of toy donations for Toys for Tots, and over 70 racers coming out to raise $900 to support an injured cyclist. Since the beginning of our events, we have raised over $4000 in donations!

Come “Race to Raise” at the next 2LapJam, this January 31st @ 10PM at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park and help us help others in our cycling community!

Check out trackordienyc.com

Coaster Brake Challenge


Photos by Charles Cetto

The first Sunday of the month marked the beginning of the Coaster Brake Challenge, a regular series of races held on fire roads and mountain trails in the hilly fringes of L.A.’s West Valley. Scarcely promoted and hardly understood, the Coaster Brake Challenge is hosted by Atomic Cycles owner Paul de Valera and draws only the most dedicated bike nerds–the ones who have the gumption to put a coaster brake on a mountain bike, outfit a cruiser for mountain biking, or build up a 26″ BMX-style ride. The rules are simple: A qualified bike must be single-speed coaster brake with no other braking mechanism. Each ride is rated for spectator-friendliness, meat pylons (aka pedestrians), and brake-age (or breakage when a coaster wheel heats up and explodes).

A couple dozen chilly cyclists gathered while the sun inched into the sky, before the sheen of frost melted from the grass. Held twice a year and in its 11th edition, the Coaster Brake Challenge meets at 7 a.m. and hits the trail shortly after 8, in a different park and on a new course each race. For $20 each participant gets a t-shirt, patch and and the chance to test their strength and adaptability skidding and stopping with a coaster brake in all four races of the series. Double-bar cruisers, one-piece cranks, carbon risers and clipless pedals all become commingled in the madness of the Coaster Brake Challenge.

The first race in the series consisted of a large loop with the second half repeated for a roughly 10-mile course that delved into a 2,900-acre parkland of rolling hills. On the inside of the loop, the city ceased to exist and coyotes wandered through the open space between the trails. Challenging climbs were coupled with the brain-twisting trick of mountain biking on a coaster brake, sliding down hills and lining up to brake for left and right turns.

Click through the photos below from the first CBC 11 race and visit atomiccycles.com to check out some more coaster brake bikes and for details about the rest of the Coaster Brake Challenge series.


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