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Amtrak To Add Bicycle Cargo To All Long Distance Routes

Unknown In big news for bicycle travelers Amtrak has announced that they are adding baggage cars with bicycle cargo capability to all 15 long distance train routes that they serve. By the end of the year riders should have roll-on bicycle service, expanding the horizons of where you can take your bike, or where you can ride to and find an affordable way home. I’ve utilized roll-on service on the west coast to travel between cities, and it’s a great feeling to be able to ride directly to and from the train station. Look for 55 new cars capable of carrying bicycles by the end of 2014. Read more at www.post-gazette.com

MYBELL Customizable Horn and Light

MYBELL is for the person that wants to update their horn like they update their ringtone, when conforming to everyone else’s ding and blink just doesn’t cut it. You can customize two different — one for catching people’s attention, another for not scaring folks on the shared use path — and a custom programmable light pattern. Output tops out at 105 dB for the horn and 110 lumens for the LEDs. Drag and drop customization makes things easy, MYBELL shows up as a drive when you plug it into a USB port to update or recharge. Easy on, easy off, see more and pre-order your own for $99 if you like what you see at the MYBELL Kickstarter.

North St Bag Switch Program

north streetI love a program that relies on upcycling over recycling and North St Bags is doing just that with their “Switch” program. It works like this:

1. Bring in your backpack, messenger bag, pannier, handlebar bag, etc. (some exclusions).
2. Receive 20% off your next purchase from North St.
3. North St. will take care of and donate the bags to the Community Cycling Center (among other organizations) for resale…benefiting CCC and you!

Let’s face it, sometimes you stow away a perfectly useable bag because you wanted shinier colors, greater street cred, or the latest technology enhanced pack. Now you don’t have to feel so guilty about doing so and can get a bag to someone else who needs one, but doesn’t have the money to buy a new pack. Good for you, good for them!

Although North St is located in Portland, Oregon, you can mail them a pack from anywhere in the world, order a new one online, and get the same benefits. See all the details about the Switch program here.

Coffee On A Bike…In An Airport

gate coffeeThose brilliant Finns. The Helsinki airport is now offering gate-serviced coffee…by bike. So, instead of worrying about dragging your luggage through the terminal (“Unnattended luggage will be exploded by a robocop type mechanism…thank you.”) just to get a cup of liquid nap, Gate Roastery brings it to you, with a bike…because we all know how long those walks can be from A1 to G14. Think about it, you’re speed walking to the connecting flight when you see some poor excuse for coffee (all offense intended Dunkin Donuts) staring you down, forcing you to calculate a wait in line for some liquid tar against the wait in line to get on the plane safely…but now…no stopping necessary! Get to your gate, wait in line, and listen for the distinct *ding ding* of the bike bell as the high-quality coffee comes rolling to you! With this amenity, I’d consider flying…anywhere. Read the full article on Gate Roastery here.

As a part of the TravelLab project, Finavia is bringing this invigorating Finnish ritual to Helsinki Airport passengers, directly to the gate. In Gate Roastery, Finnish quality coffee from Helsinki-based Kaffa Roastery is brought to passengers waiting for their flights at the gate area. They will have the opportunity to buy a freshly brewed cup or a souvenir of Kaffa products to be enjoyed at home.

Our TravelLab technicians will be zooming around the airport with sleek and classy Finnish-made Pelago bicycles.

Bamboo Biker Boys

Bamboo Bicycle Club is a London based organization holding workshops teaching everyday riders how to build their own bicycle using bamboo and carbon fiber wraps. Two days and you too can have your own bamboo bike, and a bit better understanding of how it all comes together.

Le TDF and TFL Posters

I’m a sucker for bold colors, bold shapes and posters, so I naturally find these fantastic. Transport For London commissioned designers, M&C Saatchi, to create posters alerting London public transit passengers to potential traffic complications during the Tour De France. Eye-catching and informative, I love the inclusion of the TFL logo and uncomplicated message. I’d find a way to get some prints if I was in the area, but I think these are only going to be public info posters and not for sale.

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Origin8 Frame Giveaway

Hey Kids, Origin8 is giving away a Fix8 frame, with the requisite brand promotion, of course. So here’s the goods. Winner announced June 20th.

Ruckus Composites Frame Raffle


Ruckus Composites is perhaps the gold standard in carbon repair services with a couple of thousand frames per year getting a new life through their shop. Sometimes a frame is left behind… and now Ruckus has decided to repair, repaint and raffle off the bikes for charity. The first two frames will be raffled in support of Presented By Let’s Race Bikes (PBLRB), an Oregon based project dedicated to supporting and enabling elite female cyclists to compete on a national level. Tickets are $25 each or 3 for $60, with all proceeds going to PBLRB. Winners and totals announced on June 17th.

City of Pittsburgh Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator Job Opening


Over the past few years our hometown of Pittsburgh has become quite the cycling city, and the CIty of Pittsburgh is looking for a new Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator to usher in the next era. We have a beautiful city with a strong and established bicycle advocacy non-profit and a progressive administration that is fully embracing bike/ped improvement as the future of urban living. This is a unique opportunity for the right person to make a mark on Pittsburgh and change the streetscape for decades to come. Check out the job requirements and get your application in by June 24th.

100 Hoopties – Upcycled Art

lucahaCyclist and graphic designer (which comes first?), Jennifer Beatty, is creating posters for the 100 days series using upcycled bike parts. Each poster is a rendition of various pop culture images, some a part of everyday culture and others more obscure fine art representations. The posters use bicycle materials pulled from the bicycle version of a “hooptie”, as Beatty defines,

1: A bicycle with at least one part dangling off that has duct tape holding it together and/or makes you aware of its impending arrival by the volume of the squeal coming from the petrified brake pads or lack there of.

2: A Huffy or Murray mountain bike with three broken spokes and the shift lever unattached, commonly ridden by New York City food delivery riders.

One poster is made every day for 100 days, which will end on July 15th. You can see each new poster as it is created here.
pipe 1 tron

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