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Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business

PBL_report_coverFrom the Alliance for Biking & Walking:

In a new report from PeopleForBikes and the Alliance for Biking & Walking, 15 entrepreneurs and business leaders from major U.S. cities explain how protected bike lanes — on-street lanes that are physically separated from automobile traffic by curbs, planters, parked cars or posts — has meant big benefits for their companies.

The report combines this original reporting with an overview of the latest academic and technical research to find changes associated with four mega-trends.

Check it out.

1890′s Schwinn Factory Photos

Schwinn 1890's PhotosTake a step back in time with these photos from the Schwinn factory back in 1890. Via Cycle Smithy.

Week in Biking: Hockey, Giraffes and Why Your Bike Mechanic Eats at the Soup Kitchen

What do bikes and giraffes have to do with each other? OK, maybe nothing–except for this music video from And the Giraffe. The Nashville band shot the video with a couple hundred bucks and a handlebar-mounted camera pointed at the rider instead of the road.

While bikes and music are joining forces in the music capital of the country, bikes are making an appearance at the Olympics, where the Finnish Olympic hockey team is riding bikes provided by the Finnish Olympic Committee to get to their matches in Sochi.

Ever wonder why bike mechanics tend to be so svelte? It might not be from putting in miles. Donny Perry’s informative slideshow on bike mechanic saleries inspires us to consider the value of our trusty shop mechanic, who earns on $18,000 less than the national average income.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so make sure you tell your bike how much you love it.

Finnish Hockey Team Rides Bikes To First Game

49ea66a0-94a5-11e3-857e-2d4c16ab0387_20140213_145228 As reported by Yahoo Sports, players for the Finnish Olympic hockey team rode to their first game on bikes provided by the Finnish Olympic Committee. It’s all of a five minute ride, if it wasn’t for the location and team it’s not that remarkable of a feat, but shows a different attitude towards transport. Player Olli Jokinen said he hadn’t ridden to a game since his days in Kuopio, Finland, as a youth player. “My parents didn’t have a car, so I would ride my bicycle every time.”

Read the original article at sports.yahoo.com.

Bike Mechanic Salaries

MaryMary Bicycle Café to Open on Febrary 14th

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 8.53.00 PMMaryMary is a bike café due to open on the 14th Feb in Liverpool, England. The café is a collaboration between Number 2 Bike Shop, Sparrow Bespoked Cycles, Black Spoke Collective and MaryMaryCC.

They’re promising good coffee, vegetarian food and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Keep an eye on their Instagram for updated photos.

Worst Day of the Year Ride Canceled Because of Bad Weather

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 10.40.16 PMThis is making the rounds on social media, so you’re bound to hear it sooner or later. From Willamette Week:

It’s a moment that Portland cyclists will be living down for years, if not decades: the 2014 Worst Day of the Year Ride, which had been scheduled for this Sunday, has been canceled because the weather will be bad.

Check out www.wweek.com

Shop Owner Honored Via Bicycle-Led Funeral Procession

Snitger's FuneralsnitgerJames Snitger, founder of Snitger’s Bicycle Store in Beaver, PA passed away on January 29th at the ripe old age of 99. His family honored him by riding bicycles ahead of the funeral procession.

I won’t speculate as to what helped him live such a long life, but the shop’s Facebook page posted this photo of him riding on a snowy street in his 80′s.

Vicious Cycles / Metal Guru Shop Tour

vicious_cycles-20 Carl Schlemowitz founded Vicious Cycles in 1994, and has been building custom steel frames in picturesque upstate New York ever since. Like so many many other framebuilders in the northeast Carl’s first inspiration to build came from Fat City Cycles, in his case it was spending the mid-eighties atop an early Fat Chance mountain bike. Vicious Cycles is primarily a mountain bike brand, and mountain bikes are how I first met Carl back in the early 2000s, with path’s crossing through mutual friends and tradeshows since. Having regrettably missed the pigroast invites of years past it was a treat to finally stop into the New Paltz, NY home of Vicious Cycles.

Vicious Cycles was an early 29″ and single speed adopter, making their frames, unicrown forks and signature paintjobs a mainstay of the east coast mountain bike scene. After some twenty years in the business Carl is now opening up the shop to students, offering week-long framebuilding or frame painting classes through his Metal Guru program. Carl works with other guest builders to offer classes and workshops outside of his particular expertise, widening the offerings to those looking for particular facets of continuing education. I’ve heard positive reviews, and seen a great final result, from the Metal Guru program.

Workspaces are as individual as their owners, it’s great to catch a few moments behind the scenes. Learn more about Metal Guru lessons in bicycle manufacturing at metalguru.viciouscycles.com.

Week in Biking: Shoes, tires, lights, and a blast from the past

The wheels on the bike go ’round and round’…school is in session, and we’ve got a history lesson for you from Jim Dunne. Dunne tells how it was in the messenger heyday of the 1980′s in his detailed essay Bike, Bag and Lock.

  • Back in present time, we’ve got new goods for you to get acquainted with: Panaracer’s latest tread, the Gravelking, and a new casual sneaker from SIDI, along with a review of the Trelock LS 950, a super-commuter headlight with a built-in power meter and five output settings.
  • Do you wear headphones while you ride? Is it legal in your state? Find out in our latest cycling legalese column, Riding With Music.
  • Next up in the wonderful world of bikes & music is Bespoken, embracing the bicycle’s potential as a musical instrument.
  • And for our last lesson of the week, watch and learn how Velocity rims get made in good ol’ Jacksonville, Florida in 66 Seconds With Velocity.
  • And now for a little bit o’ eye candy from Via Bicycle:



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