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Friday Follow – Rosko Cycles

rosko 1Those kids in NYC have their hands in all modes of travel, from bikes to motorcycles to skateboards, and Seth Rosko of Rosko Cycles is no different, as evidenced by his IG feed. A stripped down, simplistic frame builder, you’re sure to get shots of builds in process, but also depictions of daily life in the big city, from CX racing to coffee stops to rider profiles.

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Cleveland Cycling Update

Something About Cleveland in Urban Velo #40 helped shine a light on what’s up in the cycling world in the home of the Browns. Refresh your memory, and then check out this update from contributor Joe Bauer.

Following a slew of critical examinations of Cleveland cycling infrastructure—rather the lack thereof—the City of Cleveland is finally taking action with the approval of Bike Cleveland, the city’s premiere bike advocacy organization.

This past January, the City of Cleveland announced a plan that prioritizes the implementation of bicycle facilities by aligning priority bikeway routes with their Capital Improvement Plan. In total, the City of Cleveland plans to install 70 miles of bikeways over the next four years, adding much needed infrastructure to the city’s paltry 47.5 unconnected miles that currently exist.

Adding to the excitement of cycling in Cleveland is the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission’s recent announcement of their inaugural NEOCycle event taking place September 27 and 28. The event is billed as “an urban cycling festival consisting of competitive races and unique rides connected by live entertainment and an interactive, action-filled festival at Cleveland Metroparks Edgewater Park on the shores of Lake Erie.”

Races and rides include a criterium, a night ride, fundo, cyclocross, and laps at the velodrome. City partners believe this could become Cleveland’s signature event, like SXSW in Austin or Bonnaroo in Tennessee.

Back to the City’s cycling plans; the goal is ultimately to connect every neighborhood in the City of Cleveland with safe and accessible bikeways. The important missing piece, however, is what type of bikeways will be developed—painted lanes, cycle tracks or the much-maligned “sharrows” that advocates, backed by research, say does little to increase cycling traffic.

“As the number of people riding bikes, either by choice or necessity, continues to grow across Cleveland, it is important to balance the needs of all users,” says Bike Cleveland Executive Director Jacob VanSickle. “We look forward to working with the City on identifying the bikeway types that will create a truly world-class bikeway network in Cleveland.”

Friday Follow – Shawn182

Shawn182 was our dude here in Indy until he went searching for bigger adventures in NYC, where he seems to be running things with Kinfolk Bicycles and the Brooklyn King Kog shop. His IG feed is pretty standard for a two-wheeled hipster with shop shots, CX action images and other amusing shenanigans. Give him a high five if you see him around town.

Instagram : Shawn182
Facebook : Shawn Wolf

Feedback Sports Pee-WeeElite Stand

Action_1 Right tools are key to the job. There are a lot of child’s bikes and accessories on the market, but this might be the first repair stand. Built to the same specs as the adult stands, the Feedback Sports Pee-WeeElite is as much play stand as the ticket to get Sally gluing tubulars while you’re recovering from the morning’s bike path time trial. Maybe it’s all but a cruel April Fools’ joke Feedback is actually playing on themselves as parents with extra money call to order balance bike workstands for the garage.

Goodbye Fabio Rattazzi

1604406_10202927585780175_1073655652_n Goodbye Fabio. It is with great sadness that we pass on the news that after a long battle with illness that Fabio Rattazzi, co-founder of DZR Shoes, has passed on. He was a favorite person to run into at tradeshows, to talk bikes, and to talk fine food and travels. A world class observed trials rider in the ’80s, Fabio could outride most anyone no matter his illness. Watching him carve the San Francisco traffic was amazing, talking over coffee on the street and in the DZR offices something I won’t forget. Taken far too soon from us, such a gentle and wise soul. Jeff and I are going to miss you Fabio. So bummed.

Abbey Bike Tools Crombie and Whip-It Combo


abbey_bike_tools-1 Assuming you are actually using them, quality tools are typically worth the expense. Few things are worse than breaking parts while wrenching with sub-par tools, or sub-par tools themselves breaking after light use, and while quality tools can set you back a few extra dollars, the longevity tends to pay for itself over time. Abbey Bike Tools is a relatively new entrant to the game, making short run tools for professional mechanics for the past couple of seasons. Pictured is the double sided Crombie, a $45 tool with a Shimano/SRAM cassette lockring tool on one side, and a Campagnolo spline on the other. The long, solid handle gives plenty of leverage to break a stuck cassette lockring free, and more than enough to tighten it down far too much if you’re not careful. Since you tend to use a cassette lockring tool in conjunction with a chain whip, conveniently so the Crombie handle is designed to slip inside of the $40 Whip-It chain whip for one stop shopping. Really great looking stuff coming from this Bend, OR shop. Check out their HAG derailleur hanger alignment gauge too, billed as a rebuildable, shop quality tool and the last one any shop will ever have to purchase.

Team Cinelli Chrome

The Cinelli Chrome Fixed Crit Racing TeamCinelli and Chrome have partnered to sponsor the new Cinelli Chrome Fixed Crit Racing Team.

The new team will be comprised of 4 Italian riders and 3 Americans led by 2013 Red Hook Criterium Series winner Neil Bezdek. Along with Bezdek will be 4 time Monster Track winner Alfred Bobe’ Jr. who brings his elite alleycat skills and substantial urban cycling background. Representing the women for Cinelli Chrome is Kelli Samuelson, native of Los Angeles with a strong track and road racing background to complement her fixed gear crit experience. The Italians rounding out the squad are veteran rider and team director Giorgio Vianini, as well as Alessandro Bruzza, Paolo Bravini, and Giovanni Bocchi.

Click here for more photos.

Fresh Off The Boat – Shanghai

NYC restaurant owner Eddie Huang has been gaining an enormous amount of publicity thanks to his popular internet television show, Fresh Off The Boat, and his memoir. Though bikes are rarely more than part of the backdrop on his show, the Shanghai episode features a couple who make extensive use of a cargo bike, earning their living by selling xiaochi, which translates to small eats.

It’s just really cool to see this family literally work out of their bedroom. They stack the chairs, the tables, all their equipment on one flatbed bicycle. This is their life, man. The thing that really hit home was that she said, “I’m just happy that everything I need is in these two hands. And I feel rewarded.”

Click here to watch the episode on Vice.com.

Friday Follow – xchrizzzlybearx

shawn cog
Chris Lee – AKA xchrizzzlybearx – is constantly documenting various niches of bike culture in the NY area, focusing primarily on the messenger scene and it’s endless personalities. A legitimate pro with the camera, Lee’s photos aren’t taken in the squared IG format, as evidenced on his flickr site. I really like that his images are primarily of bike culture, but more represent the individual in the setting.

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