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Can 5-7-5 Save Lives?

The New York Department of Transportation just released a new program/art installation in hopes of easing traffic dangers at areas in the city that have shown high-collision rates. The program consists of graphically stark and simplistic signs accompanied by…..haikus. Titled “Curbside Haiku”, these 200 signs are meant to engage pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to raise awareness of the need to share the streets with each other.

Now, before you roll your eyes at what seems like a childish and almost insulting solution to traffic collisions and deaths, consider the effect that placing MIMES in Bogota, Colombia had on reducing traffic deaths. They were cut in half. HALF! Most of us become so lulled moving about the city, no matter how we do so, that traffic laws and signs seem to just fade into the background. Maybe once in awhile we need a little graphic and humor tinged jolt to get our attention again. I would be curious to see if these signs yield any statistical drop in collisions or fatalities.

Rode to work today
Did not see any good signs
Wish we had these here

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  1. antbikemikeDecember 13, 2011 at 11:54 am

    Art saves lives :)

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