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Breathing Bike

Part Steampunk, part Mad Max, part Ikea hack, and part Wallace & Gromit, Part Neil from The Young Ones, this is just…awesome? Matt Hope, artist and inventor of sorts, has created this contraption for riding a bike around the city of Beijing with it’s choking, gasping, atrocious, near deadly air quality.

The contraption pulls air in through an Ikea trashcan, positively charges the dust particles which become trapped, only allowing fresh air to be blown into the motorcycle helmet before being fanned out the top. Oh, and an electrical device kicking out 5000 watts of electricity powers it all, so don’t ride it in the rain or the dangers of air quality will be the least of your concerns.

This is obviously more an art piece than a functional design, but hey, drastic environmental concerns call for drastic measures I suppose. Personally, I’d just move.

via Hyperallergic

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