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Ritte Crossberg Disc Frameset


Ritte has announced the Crossberg Disc, a $1250 cyclocross frameset meant for epic rides and ripping it during ‘cross season. Like any cycling niche, there a thousand different philosophies on how to make the best bike and Ritte sought out to make a balanced ride, not too extreme in any given direction while still having a race heritage and making use of the latest headtube and bottom bracket standards. The frame is available in five sizes and is made from 7005 series aluminum with a matching full carbon disc fork. The routing is external and meant for mechanical (rather than electronic) shift systems, though you could easily use a PF30 eccentric adapter to drop the gears altogether come race season. Definitely more performance than commuter — you’ll have to use clip on fenders if you’re looking to avoid the skunk stripe.

Black Women Bike DC

BWBDCThink Progress has a write-up on the group Black Women Bike DC, an organization dedicated to increasing black women ridership and change public perceptions about black riders. From the article:

Regardless of its purpose, biking poses many health benefits for women of color, a demographic often plagued by a host of ailments including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Biking serves as a means of alleviating some of those conditions. Pedaling at a rate of 12 to 14 miles per hour burns nearly 500 calories in an hour. The activity also reduces fatigue, strengthens muscles and joints. Perhaps the greatest long-term gain for ardent riders lies in the reduction that one will develop heart disease, designated as the leading cause of death for American women.

“Seeing other women of color bike has been cool and empowering,” Bavier said. “It makes me feel like this activity is really for us. The city should focus its attention in places without much visibility or commerce. If you look at much of the infrastructure east of the river, there’s not much to accommodate bikes. It’s affected everything, from the levels of community awareness to the ways that the bike lanes are set up.”

Stephane, World Bicycle Traveller

Stephane, World Bicycle Traveller from BlueDogFilms on Vimeo.

Well dang, it’s Friday, where are YOU riding this weekend?
“It’s a wonderful life.”

I Love Riding in the City – Samuel Meyer

I Love Riding in the CityNAME: Samuel Meyer
OCCUPATION: 4th Grader

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
Living in Kent is great for riding. It’s a small city so we can get everywhere on two wheels with a quickness. We have a Bike Shop in town and are on our bikes constantly. Over the past few years there has been a lot of new trails and and paths added here for the people to use.

What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?
Riding in Kent is great but I really enjoy going to Cleveland and riding around the city with my family. We went to the recent NEOcycle Festival and there was 1500 people on the night ride. It was awesome.

Why do you love riding in the city?
Riding in the streets we have to be safe. There are plenty of routes to take and going a different way is always fun. We are lucky to have Kent State campus in our neighborhood which has an awesome trail running through it that we can ride for miles.

Or just say whatever you want about riding in the city… Poetry anyone?

Being on my bike I can go fast through the streets and riding with my family is my favorite thing to do. The Riverside trail by the train tracks is always fun. It’s great to see more and more kids and grown-ups on their bikes in our town.

Check out kentcycle.com

Ritte Goes To Malibu with The Rider Diaries: A Chance Encounter

“You got this.” Amazing short film from Ritte.

Stoopidtaller – The Making of the World’s Tallest Bicycle

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We covered Stoopidtall, Richie Trimble’s 14.5 ft tall bike that reigned supreme at CicLAvia in Urban Velo #37, and he has since followed it up with the 20 ft tall Stoopidtaller. This video gives us all a look at the building and riding of Stoopidtaller, now officially a Guinness World Record holder as the tallest rideable bicycle.

Church Burners Kits

churchburner2churchburner1Those fancy gents over at Dodici Cicli have their Italian made, arguably famous Church Burner kits back in stock. Get em at the Cicli online store. Matching T-shirts also available.

Cranksgiving NYC

cranksgivingTis the season (almost) for holiday rides and Cranksgiving NYC is still going strong after 16 years of rides benefiting a number of non-profits. The specifics for the ride and event are as follows:

REGISTRATION – Saturday, November 22nd 12:30pm – 2pm

2:00PM – START – SOLAR ONE · 23rd St & the East River


If you finish after 5:00 and no bikes are around, you can bring your donations to the Bowery Mission: 227 Bowery. Don’t miss the after party & awards! Even if you come in last, there’s a good chance there will be a prize for you.

5:00pm – AFTER PARTY & AWARDS · THE CHROME STORE · 238 Mulberry St.

Find more info at the website.

Bike Kill 2014 with Arthur

Bike video of the year. Freak bikes unite, with a debut the presumed world’s first bikeshare tallbike. It’s only a few bucks an hour, and this is the one and only Black Label Bike Kill.

SSCXWC 2014 Louisville Photo Gallery


Flaming barriers were just one part of the party that went down thanks to the Colonels at the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships 2014 in Louisville KY. Qualify for the main event via the Feats of Strength, through the last chance qualifies, from a 1st place finish in a number of national level races with a Golden Ticket, or otherwise just be a badass with a pass to the next round. Qualifiers were split into men and women, with an “other” category filling in for the people put there just for fun or that didn’t make the cut for the big show. Start with a shoeless run down a slip-n-slide, over the propane fueled barrier and onto the meat of the course built on the same permanent ‘cross grounds of Evan Bandman Park that held the UCI World Championships just a few years back. It’s less of a race and more of an event, with few actually keeping track of much more than where the good heckle sections on course are for some refreshments. The sand-pit featured a 4 ft tall wall to hop over, the run-up started with the ball-pit of your pizza quaffing youth. Next year it’s off to Victoria BC.

Check out the gallery from this year, and fill in your fading memories of 2013 with photo galleries from the Philadelphia SSCXWC and qualifying Bilenky Junkyard Cross events.

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