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Bilenky Titanium Rando Tandem


It’s not everyday that you see a $12,000 custom bicycle, let alone a newly constructed one with ’90s era Shimano and Dia-Compe components. The old mantra of “the customer is always right” holds true especially well in custom work, where customer preference trumps all else. In this case the customers are accomplished randonneurs with a preference towards the simple, dependable and serviceable parts atop this fully custom titanium Bilenky Cycle Works tandem. The custom racks keep the panniers riding low for stability, and provide a place to mount the dynamo lighting kit required for late-night and early-morning miles. The S+S coupled frame may technically fit in a travel box, but it’s more to make the bike manageable for air travel than to meet the standard size for checked luggage. The cantilever brakes and rear drum brake (for drag on descents) are a classic road tandem combo, even if today’s disc brakes are far more powerful. But this is a bike for customers with a specific traditional build in mind, and Paris-Brest-Paris on the calendar. A beautiful bike destined for lots of miles.

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