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Bikes that Fly…sort of

The title for this video is somewhat misleading. This isn’t so much a flying bike as it is a quadcopter that uses a bike for the cockpit, which is a bummer because it got my hopes up. Instead, we’ll just have to rely on this version that although doesn’t ever get airborne, still has serious flying potential. We’ll catch up with the Jetsons soon enough.

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  1. About Those Flying Bikes… The Paravelo | Urban VeloJune 17, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    [...] Flying bikes have been in the news recently, with the latest more like a quadcopter with a bike attached than any sort of airplane. Perhaps a bit more true to the form comes the Paravelo by Yannick Read (featured in Urban Velo #37). Some two years in the making, the Paravelo is a docking trailer and bicycle with an ultralight, bio-fueled powered paraglider attached for the ultimate adventurer. It is even planned ot feature it’s own lightweight tent, for overnight flying-biking stopovers of course. Check out more details at the Paravelo Kickstarter. [...]

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