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Bike to Save Bucks

Transportation Alternatives, New York’s cycling advocacy group, has initiated a program of financial incentives for those who ride their bike to do their daily errands. Over 100 stores in Manhattan’s East Village and Lower East Side are participating in the program, which is being kicked off with a bike tour to the “Bike Friendly Business District” where these establishments are located. The businesses will offer discounts or buy one get one free promotions to those that cycle to their locations. The initiative by Transportation Alternatives is to enlist bike-friendly businesses to help them pressure the city for more bicycle infrastructure like racks, lanes and other amenities. We all know money talks, so getting the business community behind this program is a pretty brilliant way to get the city to listen to bicycle advocates instead of just hoping they respond to common sense transportation policy.

The tour of this new bike-friendly business district takes place this Saturday, the 22nd and it’s free! If you’re in the area, show up and lend your support.

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