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Bike Fixtation and Green Guru Partnership

BikeFixtation4 Bike Fixtation manufactures work stands, pumps and vending machines for public bicycle repair access. Over the years I’ve had no shortage of conversations with people about bicycle vending machines near trail access points or outside of the shop for off-hours tubes and lube, and we’ve all dreamed of the fantasy land of a bike repair station at the bus terminal or outside of the grocery store. Bike Fixtation makes it happen — I’ve seen a number of these around the country, and always walk away impressed with how it makes bikes as transportation that much more accessible. Now Green Guru and Bike Fixtation have paired up to offer bicycle tube recycling paired with tire inflation at certain stations, giving your old tube new life as a repurposed product. Badger your local public transportation management and grocery story chains and maybe you can find one of these in your town before too long.

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