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Bicycling as a Priority

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Mayor Greg Ballard: Making Bicycling a Priority in Indianapolis from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Where I’m from we don’t always have a lot to toot our horns about, so when we do we toot them loudly, hence this video. This here is our mildly overweight, very much Republican mayor giving a rundown to Streetfilms on the advancements our city has made towards building bicycling infrastructure and accommodating alternative transportation. I’ve been involved in bicycle advocacy in some form since we had ONE mile of a bike lane and I can solidly say all the advancements we’ve made have been under this man’s watch. The groundwork was laid and many hours of work were put into getting us where we are today, but our mayor was the one who not only stepped out of the way to allow it to happen, but also pitched in to lend a helping hand and keep the momentum going. So yeah, is Indy going to be the new Portland? Give us some time and we’ll see. And hey, if it can happen in our city, it can happen in yours too.

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