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Your art, your dedication, your Type A mannerisms. Consider them all outdone. Check out this amazing 5 meter long drawing of a fictional bike race through the streets of London by obsessive artist Ugo Gattoni. Released just in time for the 2012 Olympics, a print of the book can be purchased for $24.95 on the NoBrow Press site. Where’s Waldo has nothing on this sucker. The potential to kill hours and hours of time surveying the details has me on the verge of making an impulse internet buy.

An interview with the artist can be found here.

Are you a cyclist yourself?
Yes! I’m totally crazy about cycling! I’m the proud owner of a fixed gear that I built myself, and for me, London is a bicycle paradise. I didn’t want to illustrate the fashion and hipster aspect of bicycles (it’s already been seen too much) but I really wanted to put in bold all the aspects of the cyclists – elite athletes to cycle couriers, commuters, bankers, delivery boys, mums with kids, youths on stolen mountain bikes to fashionistas and hipsters on fixed gear bikes.

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