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Bell Muni and Bell Super Helmets

Bell Helmets was one of the first companies making commuter specific helmets nearly a decade ago, and the trend continues with the Muni. The 290 g helmet is as light as the “race” level helmets we were all wearing a few years back and sports 21 vents to keep you cool on the ride to and from the office. Optional front and rear Blackburn lights integrate into the helmet, along with a visor mounted rear view mirror that flips out of the way for storage or when you just don’t want it hanging out there. The Super is marketed more towards the freeride and mountain market, but some urban riders may find the extended coverage and thicker inmolded shell a welcome addition even if it weighs in at 390 g. More interesting is the optional GoPro Hero mount that snaps into the top mounted vent, providing a solid, velcro free mountaing sure to lead to more stable videos of your latest riding exploits. While they aren’t compatible accessories, I can hear people now wishing for the integrated light mounts for night commuting in addition to the the camera mount for those unfortunate (and many times criminal) incidents involving aggressive drivers on US streets that seem to get away with it time after time.

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