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Here’s a kickstarter project that seeks to enhance a common bike accessory stylistically. The typical bike basket is attached to the bike via bars, fork eyelets or axel bolts, but The Barbasket looks to eliminate all the extras and create an integrated piece that is both functional and stylish. The obvious problem is that you will have to replace your entire bar setup, but if you find the Barbasket positioning preferable, the benefits of an integrated rack and the extra style might appeal to you.

The designers are still finalizing color choices, which donors will have a say in, as well as a complete set of materials. The bags are reportedly able to carry a six pack and a couple burritos and come with subtly placed D-rings for extra security. The project has a way to go at this point, but if you pledge $90 or more you’ll get one of the Barbaskets discounted from $120 retail.

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  1. scottJuly 23, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    It’s not a bad idea. I feel the word elegant is a bit of an exageration, considering it looks more like a camping pack than a formal bag or fine luggage. It seems like a good option if you already want to change out your bars, but if you like the bars you have then there would need to be more motivation than just brightly colored cordura. I didn’t see anywhere in their page telling the weigh capacity. If this can boast being able to carry 5 or 10 pounds more that the average “strap to the bars” bag then it may get a better reception from the cycling community.

  2. RaiynJuly 23, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Meh. While the riser bar looks about right, the design as a whole isn’t enough to get me to change from my current Titec Hellbent / Wald 133 combo.

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