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So, I don’t hate this, but let’s be real, this isn’t a bike. Or a “half-bike”. It’s a trike. A stand up trike at that. Further, it seems like a cross between a Segway and, if you’re old enough to remember it, a Le Run. Still, it’s got bike wheels, is human-powered, and looks to move relatively quickly. I’d prefer to use it with horizontal bars instead of the singular grip, but it looks fun regardless. Of all the weird bike-ish contraptions that fill the rail-trails out there, this at least looks to be less intrusive than others. And at least the creator has a sense of humor about the whole project, as evidenced in the video.

Halfbikes.com for more info.

Banana Holder


Someone made this. I’ll let the comments section pass judgement…but there it is. It exists.

From cycling accessory company, Biken, who do make more products than just banana hammocks. You can purchase this banana holster on Etsy for $55.

Naked Cyclist Campaign

It’s a UK-based awareness program, but I would love to see something like this in the States. Sure, the commercial probably wouldn’t fly, but the side view mirror stickers are a wonderful idea. Or maybe the stickers should be put on the rear view mirror…or on the windshield…or on a cell phone. Regardless, any reminder to look for cyclists/motorcyclists/less visible road users is great.

Friday Follow – Franco650B

Josh Bryant (Franco650B on IG) welds together tubes for bicycles of the 650B persuasion, takes photos of the process (or has them taken) and supplements those with frequent ride photos. Located in the PNW, you’ll catch a lot of foggy, wooded riding shots and maybe a cup of espresso or two. Instagram photos and non-IG photos (what are those?!) can be found on his blog.


Indianapolis Bikeshare Program

bikeshareBikeshare programs may be the new hallmark of a legitimate, socially-progressive city. Indianapolis is the next city to implement a bike sharing program beginning this May. Run by the Indianapolis Cultural Trail organization, the bike share will allow users to secure 24 hour, 3 day or annual memberships and consist of 25 stations and approximately 300 bikes.

Conversations with local riders about the program have been mixed about it’s potential success, but everyone seems to be approaching it with positivity. No resistance to the program has been shown by other residents, such as the furor that arose in New York just before implementation of their program.

If your city is implementing a similar program soon, let us know and we’ll give it exposure.

Dickies Bike Giveaway

dickiesThe clothing/bike collaborations just keep coming. Dickies has given culture magazine, Monster Children, a free bike to give away. In typical Monster Children fashion, they give little to no information about the bike itself except to say the seat and bars are wrapped in Dickies 874 pant material. Here’s the rub, you gotta be from Australia to win the bike. Do we have readers in Australia? If so, and you win the bike, write a review for us. Thanks mate.

Moses Pedestrian Alert System

Moses from Jacob Cyriac on Vimeo.

Functionality aside, “Moses” as a device that “parts the crowds” is pretty hilarious branding. Moses is a bicycle mounted pedestrian alert system which relies on Infrared technology to locate obstacles in front of the rider, then emits flashing lights and random noises to grab the pedestrians’ attention. In Sweden it is rude to use a bell (so sensitive, they are!), so the noises are a polite way to ask permission to pass. Moses is only an experiment at this time and no mass production has been suggested at this point.

No More Bike Paths Ever!

LW0727_bikerulesOk, this is an interesting case of which the ramifications are probably no need for concern. Still..

This Salon article details the case of Marvin Brandt Revocable Trust vs. United States, in which the courts ruled in favor of the family who opposed a bike path being laid through part of their land. Here’s the amusing hypocrisy. They are descendants of the owner of a sawmill that built railroad ties, and they stated,

“They want to bring a train through here, that’s fine. We never expected and we never agreed to a bicycle trail.”

To the family, it isn’t that the government is using their abandoned land through right-of-way privileges, but that it’s a bicycle path and not a TRAIN. Umm…OK.

The larger ramifications of this case are more concerning, in the decision undermines the legality of already established bike paths obtained through right of way privileges. But yeah, good luck fighting the established benefits of Rails-To-Trails programs and tearing up all that asphalt.

Read the full article on Salon.com

Friday Follow – Amanda Nauman

MG_1895-710x941Amanda Nauman is a Felt bicycles employee and a consistent podium achieving racer, so naturally her feed is filled with racing photos, podium shots and felt bikes. She takes consistently beautiful shots while out riding and has some pretty epic photos taken of herself while racing. Of course, there’s always a random dog photo or two thrown in as well.


Instagram : Amanda_Panda_
Blog: PandasPOV

Upness Updates

screen-shot-2013-07-12-at-7-26-11-amCycling, Running and Hiking apparel brand, Upness, is still spinning the wheels, putting out new products monthly and collaborating with other small brands to produce high-quality, stylish, and USA made goods. Birthed as a brand to inspire others to get out and get moving (vertically), Upness also exists to raise MS awareness (both creators have a connection to the struggle). Upness quickly made a name for itself in the cycling and vertically inspired communities, and both creators have recently begun blogging about their riding experiences and other related ramblings.

Follow their Instagram for the latest news and inspiring shots of other Upness advocates.

And hey, don’t sleep, ’cause most of the pieces they create are limited editions…like these amazing kits they put out this winter.

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