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Matthew Kabik is the editor of www.lancasterpolo.com and a bike polo player. He is also an editor of an actual paying gig, but it's boring to hear about. Matthew lives in Lancaster, PA and his first bike was a restored 1968 Schwinn Typhoon. If that doesn't give you an idea of what kind of guy he is, nothing will.

Crush Polo – It’s So Easy To Fall In Love: Being Objective with Polo Equipment

3mallets-e1298092691133-768x1024 The very first mallet I ever got was a crooked, over-taped, worn down gas pipe/ski pole combo. It was the greatest mallet I ever owned.

The next one was a brand new ski pole with a brand new gas pipe mallet head, and it was the greatest mallet I ever owned.

The next one was a Fixcraft LT with a St. Cago head and baseball bat grip – it was the best mallet I ever owned.

And so on, and so on.

What I found is this (and, perhaps, not surprisingly so): people fall in love with their bike polo equipment. This makes sense in a very “this is my rifle this is my gun” sort of way, and it’s only natural that the equipment you use in the sport you love is likewise loved.

But while all this love is in the air, it’s easy to ignore the little frustrations. So your polo bike has a few spokes that are tied around other ones – the nipples in the rim are more like an announcement of your presence than an annoyance, right? So what if your mallet shaft looks like a macaroni noodle and the mallet head has been worn down to a nub? They’ve never let you down before!

But maybe they are letting you down. Little by little, they’re starting to underperform. Being able to recognize the natural wear and tear of your equipment is perhaps the most underdeveloped and important element of doing well in our sport. Lemme explain:
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Crush Polo – Why Isn’t Bike Polo on TV?

crush_polo Behold Crush Polo, a new online column from Matt Kabik, editor of Lancaster Polo. Expect news, events, polo opinion, and player/manufacturer interviews to appear here throughout the year. For our first installment we have an editorial piece — Why Isn’t Bike Polo on TV?

I know none of you hipsters own TVs, but let’s just play around in theory here.

Bike polo has proven to be a healthy, growing, and popular sport with those who encounter it. In fact, it’s grown at such a steady rate that even my own club in little ol’ awesome Lancaster has a strong headcount on most nights for pickup.
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