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Don Walker 1994 Pursuit Bike at NAHBS


Things were different in the ’90s. Steel was still real, purple was cool the first time around, the the rules allowed builders to push bicycle design in the name of speed. Don Walker built this bike for Shawn Wallace to use in the 1994 Commonwealth Games, where he ended up taking home silver in the 4 km individual pursuit. Besides the frame construction, note the one sided fork and Russian tensioned Kevlar disc wheel. Great to see a well-used bike from a different era of racing and bike construction making a public appearance. www.donwalkercycles.com

Six-Eleven Bicycle Co NAHBS Track


Six-Eleven Bicycle Co is a one of my perennial favorites at NAHBS, with this customer bike destined for the track catching my eye. Quite obviously a pure-bred race machine, the bike isn’t missing on the finishing touches. Check the elegant seatstay bridge, the pass-through stem detail, and the line work the carries from the wheels across the frame. Great bikes out of Roanoke VA. Check out www.sixelevenbicycleco.com

Sunrise Cycles NAHBS


Sunrise Cycles from Tokyo, Japan had perhaps the most eye catching bike at the 2014 NAHBS. Builder Yu Takai’s personal bike, this commuter is full of meticulous custom metalworking to create the unique truss-like structures throughout. It took Yu Takai two months of work to build this bike, I can only imagine how slow the progress was brazing together the top tube/seat tube junction. The detail work is impressive and over the top, from the obvious metal forms to the integrated lights and painted steerer tube. The Japanese bikes that make it to NAHBS never fail to impress. www.sunrise-cycles.com

Breadwinner Cycles B-Road NAHBS Gravel Racer


Breadwinner Cycles officially turned one year old at 2014 NAHBS, and introduced the B-Road gravel racer to the world. Breadwinner partner Ira Ryan threw his years of gravel racing and riding into this bike, building it with all-day epics in mind. Three bottle bosses help with the all-day cred, as does the clearance for 38c tires (32c with fenders). The bike features oversized Columbus Sprint tubing with either disc or cantilever brakes, downtube shifter bosses for versatility, and a modified ENVE fork so the B-Road can have full fender coverage. www.breadwinnercycles.com

Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign

“Drive With Care.” That’s the message to drivers coming from this Bike Pittsburgh campaign. 2012 was a particularly harsh year for riders in Pittsburgh and this campaign was born out of a desire to make humanize bike riders in the face of multiple hit and run incidents and open hostility. “The people behind the windshield and under the helmet are our nurses, carpenters, children, and sports heroes, but the overwhelming perspective seems to be that bike riders are in-the-way nuisances who have no right to the road.” A successful but relatively short billboard and bus stop run was well received in town and around the web, and this Indiegogo campaign is an effort to increase the reach of the campaign much further than before. More bus shelters, more bus cards and more billboards can help to reach thousands of members of the public that are usually out of the reach of bike safety messaging. See more at the BikePGH Drive With Care Indiegogo.

Savannah GA Spring Alleycat

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EvTpULD Springtime is alleycat season, with this one coming up on March 16th in Savannah GA. $5, rain or shine.

Fietsklik Bike Accessories


Fietsklik began simply enough when a group of school friends dropped a case of beer from the back of a bike. The Amsterdam based Fietsklik team is familiar with bikes as daily transport, and felt they could design a better modular system for getting beer and other daily needs home safely.

A few weeks back Julius and Jonathan stopped through town and I had the chance to see the Fietsklik items up close, albeit in the midst of a serious cold snap. At its most basic Fietsklik is a plastic base that fits on most standardized rear racks that then allows various side bags to snap into the sides, and a large cargo box to fit on top. Each accessory securely snaps into place and can be locked down with a barrel style key to prevent the whole bag or box from going missing. Even without the keyed lock, the bags and box are securely fastened in place, requiring depressing a hidden release and preventing them from falling off on their own. The box is sized perfectly for a case of 24 bottles, and features a handle and wheels for use in the grocery store. If you don’t have anything at all to carry, the box collapses flat. A child carrier is in the works, but the next round of safety testing is expensive.

It’s a pretty slick system, and not priced outrageously like some other system solutions can be. I especially can see the removable, wheeled cargo box being very useful for some shoppers. My main concern for the entire system is the same as with most anything based on plastic construction — long term durability. It would be a shame to break off one of the engagement points trying to click it all in place while you aren’t paying attention. I have no experience, simply conjecture. The risk you take in the name of items that securely click and lock together as a system it seems.

Fietsklik just launched their Kickstarter to help get the child carrier off the ground, and to otherwise get their system into the hands of the US market. $99 gets you the Klik rack adapter and a single bag or cargo box, with various other tiers for other bag and box combinations. The child carrier starts at the $215 level, and is the ultimate goal of this round of funding.

Fietsklik is designed and manufactured in Holland and worth a look if a modular cargo and bag solution meets your needs, and especially if a child seat is in your future. Overall I truly liked what I saw. See more details and check out a video at the Fietsklik Kickstarter.

LA Marathon Crash Race Officially Cancelled

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race to be held in the early morning hours this Sunday just prior to the official marathon has been cancelled over threats of legal action from the city.

Organizer Don Ward canceled this year’s Marathon Crash Race, scheduled for Sunday morning, after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the city of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Street Services. The letter threatened fines and up to a year in county jail if the event was held without proper permits. Ward said he requested an expedited permit and was denied.

The Marathon Crash Race isn’t strictly legal. But in past years, Wolfpack Hustle has worked to build support inside City Hall and with the Los Angeles Police Department. For the past three years, squad cars have cruised alongside cyclists, lights flashing, to separate bicycle and car traffic. Ward had also arranged for event insurance to cover up to $10,000 of medical expenses for uninsured cyclists. They have never been required to obtain a permit, Ward said.

The Marathon Crash Race is widely considered the largest unsanctioned bike race in the country, and draws cyclists from as far away as China and the United Arab Emirates. Last year, an estimated 2,000 people participated.

Read the original article at www.latimes.com

Permits and police are expensive, officially at least the race is cancelled. Good or bad, I’d be willing to bet that there will be a number of people out there still vying for the title even more renegade style than in the past.

Read about the Wolfpack Hustler Marathon Crash Race in Urban Velo #31.

Adidas X Bombtrack Street Crew Bicycle


If you haven’t noticed, urban bike culture has gone mainstream. This year 32 flagship Adidas stores throughout Europe and Asia will feature the pictured Bombtrack bike done up to match the new Adidas Street Crew line. First it was the Wu-Tang bike and helmet, now we’re just a decal away from Run-D.M.C.

All-City Frostbike Snow Ball

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