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Abbey Bike Tools Crombie and Whip-It Combo


abbey_bike_tools-1 Assuming you are actually using them, quality tools are typically worth the expense. Few things are worse than breaking parts while wrenching with sub-par tools, or sub-par tools themselves breaking after light use, and while quality tools can set you back a few extra dollars, the longevity tends to pay for itself over time. Abbey Bike Tools is a relatively new entrant to the game, making short run tools for professional mechanics for the past couple of seasons. Pictured is the double sided Crombie, a $45 tool with a Shimano/SRAM cassette lockring tool on one side, and a Campagnolo spline on the other. The long, solid handle gives plenty of leverage to break a stuck cassette lockring free, and more than enough to tighten it down far too much if you’re not careful. Since you tend to use a cassette lockring tool in conjunction with a chain whip, conveniently so the Crombie handle is designed to slip inside of the $40 Whip-It chain whip for one stop shopping. Really great looking stuff coming from this Bend, OR shop. Check out their HAG derailleur hanger alignment gauge too, billed as a rebuildable, shop quality tool and the last one any shop will ever have to purchase.

Cogly Bike Drivetrain Cleaning Tool


Cleaning the gunk between your cassette cogs or front chainrings is a job everyone should do, but doesn’t have 100% buy in. Like flossing, but for your bike. I’ve always used a stiff nylon brush and the edge of a rag, but the Cogly takes it a step further with a hacksaw like frame that holds a strip of rag just-so to fit between the gears and give every surface a thorough cleaning. Interesting idea, and seems something that could be hacked at home with an old hacksaw frame. You have almost two days to pick up your own through the Cogly Kickstarter for just $15 assuming it gets enough of a final funding push.

Sutro Shred

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Peter Koch and Michael German are a couple of Bay Area 15 year olds hooked on riding and filmmaking. This is a short one from Sutro Forest in San Francisco, which looks like a pretty killer place to ride. Great work.

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New York Bike Style Book Release Party

FLYER1 People love bicycle photography coffee table books, and I have to admit to flipping through them now and again myself. New York Bike Style is the latest, a collection of images by Sam Polcer of people and their bikes from all over New York with contributions by David Byrne and Casey Neistat. There are some really awesome images in this collection, worth looking through the blog. The book release party is on April 4th at Redbeard Bikes, Brooklyn with music and refreshments, of course. See more at www.preferredmode.com

NAHBS 2014 Image Gallery

Behold all of our 2014 NAHBS bike images in one place for easy gallery viewing. This was our seventh year at the show, check www.urbanvelo.org/nahbs for images going back to 2008.

Horse Cycles Short Film

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Chrome Folsom Pants

folsom_pant_hero_7 Chrome has been making knickers and shorts for a few seasons, and has now introduced their first full length pant, the Folsom. Made with water and stain resistant 2-way stretch Schoeller fabric the pants are made for riding throughout changing conditions while still being comfortable and passable off the bike. Double layer crotch and flat seams make it long wearing, with a reflective patch and u-lock holder on the back. Five pockets give you a place for hands and a wallet, and a place for a mini u-lock as the built in holster fits full sized versions only. Available for $160 in 28″ to 36″ men’s sizes.

Ti Cycles Truss Fork Gravel Di2 NAHBS Bike


This mash up of genres is a gravel bike from Ti Cycles, built around carbon 26″ wheels, an electronic Shimano Di2 Ultegra group, and that titanium truss fork. Neither mountain nor cyclocross, this is a one of a kind adventure bike. Built in Portland OR, this one is destined for some all day epics exploring endless gravel and dirt roads. www.ticycles.com

Engin Force CX1 Cyclocross at NAHBS


The one goes to eleven. Engin’s latest titanium cyclocross bike is outfitted with the hot of the presses SRAM Force CX1 1×11 group and built for race day. Perhaps the only nod to riding besides racing is the single bottle mount for training rides where you just might get thirsty. www.engincycles.com

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