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artcrank_pdx_graphic The ARTCRANK bicycle themed poster party was born in 2007 and has since expanded to a dozen different US cities, along with Paris, London and Manchester. Countless folks have picked up limited edition hand-printed posters to brighten up their walls, partying down in the process. ARTCRANK is coming to New York City’s Bicycle Habitat September 26 and 27th. Expect 30 artists selling posters at $40 each and craft brew from Widmer Bros, sales of which benfit non-profits StreetsBlog and StreetFilms.

“I’m excited about ARTCRANK because as an underground bike artist it’s the only venue I have to get the art to the people it’s intended for,” says Greg Ugalde (profiled in Urban Velo #30). “I didn’t make this art to hang in the Louvre. It’s an expression of my passion made for people who share that passion.”

See more of what ARTCRANK is all about in this 60 second time lapse video from last year.

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