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Anvil “Feng Shui” ISO Rear Disc Brake Tab Fixture

Although the Handmade Bicycle Show is mostly for consumers, there are a number of framebuilding suppliers that come to exhibit their lugs, tubes and of course, frame jigs.

Don Ferris makes the jigs that most framebuilders either want or already have. They’re not cheap, but some say they’re worth their weight in gold. He also offers a whole slew of framebuilding accessories, including these Feng Shui disc tab fixtures. Designed to work with Anvil’s dummy axle, they’re said to give framebuilders complete clearance on both sides of the mount so they can install disc brake tabs without warping or misalignment.

The fixture is $100 with an Anvil 135mm dummy axle or only $75 if you’ve already have the dummy and just want the fixture. Visit www.anvilbikes.com for more information.

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