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Alley Cats… For Running?

Dave Trimble is the man behind the now infamous Redhook Criterium races and since his first venture into unsanctioned race planning, he has continued to expand his resume. He’s mainly thrown unsanctioned bike races, but has begun doing the same for running races. As a competitive runner and urban bike enthusiast myself, the idea of hosting an alley cat for running has certainly crossed my mind, but I wasn’t sure if the athletes in my (red)neck of the woods would be down for something like that. The story is probably a lot different in New York and Trimble is pulling a page from unsanctioned bike races to see what happens in Brooklyn, NY during The Midnight Half.

Organized just like a standard alley cat, sans check points, runners will begin a half-marathon (13.1 miles) on the Lower East Side and have to navigate the streets of New York to get to the finish. Knowledge of the streets and shortcuts are all part of the game. This time, however, the streets won’t be cleared of car traffic and so all normal dangers will be present.

An extensive interview with Trimble is here and gives a lot of the backstory to the Red Hook Criterium beginnings.

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  3. JorgeGortexJune 4, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Interesting and cool… but this is essentially “hashing.” Except that hashing often times leaves the streets and is more a “fox and hound” type of race course. On-on!

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