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All-City Nature Boy Disc Dropout


The latest dropout from All-City is one of the more beautiful solutions I’ve seen for tackling the issue of single speed chain tension and maintaining disc caliper alignment. Rocker and sliding dropouts are nice, eccentric bottom brackets work, but I’ll always defend the time tested simplicity of a track fork end. I’d rather my frame not have moving parts, thank you very much. Up until the advent of disc brakes track ends were the gold standard for single speed use, but disc brakes can complicate wheel removal if the disc interferes with the caliper when sliding rearward, and aligning the caliper and rotor can get complicated, and easy to do improperly in a rush. The new All-City Nature Boy Disc sports the pictured sliding caliper design that has an integrated chain tensioner for perfect caliper to rotor alignment every time. The caliper slides along the same plane as the rear axle and maintains the proper placement over the disc with the help of the chain tensioning bolt. It’s an elegant system that keeps the inherent simplicity of a single speed in place without any fancy moving frame parts. The design is compatible with 160 mm rotors only, with availability of frames and complete bikes sometime this spring. Can’t wait to rip it! If you’re really looking to nerd out on the design of this dropout head on over to the All-City blog for a detailed post by lead engineer Anna Schwinn complete with napkin sketches and CAD renderings.

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