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All-City Deputy 48h Polo Hubs

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All-City makes some really nice single speed hubsets, and has now introduced Deputy hubs with 48h drilling for polo use. High flanges have been all the rage for some time, but there is reason to believe low flange hubs like these are stronger and more impact resistant and spokes are plenty strong enough these days to negate structural reasons for high flange hubs. Tool free bearing adjustment, the bike does it for you when you clamp the wheel in the frame—a proven design in my opinion, I have a couple of high-end, long running hubsets that use a similar method of non-adjustment. Steel axles and nut surfaces promise to keep the wheel in place. Available in black only, in either 36 or 48h drillings. 100 mm front, 120 mm rear with either fixed/fixed or fixed/free available in the 48h polo version. Retail is set at $105 for the front hub and $110 for the rear. Available now, just head to the local shop and order them up.

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  1. dontcoastMay 24, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    …120mm rear? who still plays polo on track bikes?


    gotta have 135mm!!!

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