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Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 10.53.56 AMTo advertise online contact, advertise@urbanvelo.org

Online advertisements are sold on a per month basis, and viewable on every page of the Urban Velo website. Brand association and repetition is key—with Urban Velo you can be sure your brand is displayed to interested consumers on a respected cycling website.

Price per month:
• 555 x 90 skyline banner $1000
• 175 x 125 sidebar banner $200
• 175 x 75 sidebar banner $100

All sidebar banner ads also include a 600×400 pixel rollover graphic that appears when the visitor moves their mouse over an advertisement. This further encourages readers to visit the advertiser’s website. Sidebar banner order changes with each unique visitor.

Urban Velo is one of the most respected and visited sources of news and information about the world of urban cycling. Our online content spans the globe and includes a variety of subject matter such as product reviews, the latest in news, advocacy updates and original columns on cycling law, bike polo and life as a courier.

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Website Stats as of August 12, 2013. Source: Google Analytics

Daily Traffic
5000 visitors daily on average
10,200+ average daily pageviews

Monthly Traffic
150,000 visits per month on average
75,000 absolute unique visitors monthly

Yearly Traffic
1,789,023 visits
902,243 absolute unique visitors
3,752,222 pageviews

Top Domestic Traffic Sources
1 California 181,789 visits
2 New York 84,601
3 Pennsylvania 59,098
4 Illinois 56,246
5 Texas 49,240

Top International Traffic Sources
1 United States 1,065,283 visits
2 United Kingdom 112,295
3 Canada 90,338
4 Germany 56,770
5 Australia 47,984