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6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships Photo Gallery

midwestchampeenships_09_37 On May 24th Dayton Ohio hosted the 6th Annual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships, drawing 27 teams worth of players to battle it out in an all-day, double elimination bracket. Two top notch polo courts full of competition, loads of hospitality and not one drop of rain made for a perfect weekend for most everyone. Milwaukee took home first place in a hard fought final match with Madison. Chicago and Lexington wrapped up third and fourth.

Click below for a full gallery of images from the tournament.

midwestchampeenships_09_01 midwestchampeenships_09_02 midwestchampeenships_09_03 midwestchampeenships_09_04 midwestchampeenships_09_05 midwestchampeenships_09_06 midwestchampeenships_09_07 midwestchampeenships_09_08 midwestchampeenships_09_09 midwestchampeenships_09_10 midwestchampeenships_09_11 midwestchampeenships_09_12 midwestchampeenships_09_13 midwestchampeenships_09_14 midwestchampeenships_09_15 midwestchampeenships_09_16 midwestchampeenships_09_17 midwestchampeenships_09_18 midwestchampeenships_09_19 midwestchampeenships_09_20 midwestchampeenships_09_21 midwestchampeenships_09_22 midwestchampeenships_09_23 midwestchampeenships_09_24 midwestchampeenships_09_25 midwestchampeenships_09_26 midwestchampeenships_09_27 midwestchampeenships_09_28 midwestchampeenships_09_29 midwestchampeenships_09_30 midwestchampeenships_09_31 midwestchampeenships_09_32 midwestchampeenships_09_33 midwestchampeenships_09_34 midwestchampeenships_09_35 midwestchampeenships_09_36 midwestchampeenships_09_37 midwestchampeenships_09_38 midwestchampeenships_09_39


  1. COMO TimMay 26, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Nice shots man. It was good to play against you guys…but next time you’s gonna get it.

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    [...] unas sesiones fotográficas del último torneo de bike polo que hicieron en Ohio, parecen que juegan duro sino Ohio con las [...]

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